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The same term being used in two different areas, let the confusion ensue!

There are five core sharing areas in a Ning social network: Blogs, Forums, Videos, Photos, Groups.

The term "discussion" is made confusing because it is used in both Groups and Forums. They are however completely separate from each other. I don't have any real 'super-tip' to telling the difference, but just keep in mind they are separate. Group discussions will not appear in the Forum discussions; and Forum discussions will not appear in the Group discussions.

Here are the most visible difference to help distinguish:

Group Discussions:

Forum Discussions:

Another difference is that discussions in the forum area allow you have a category.


I am not a Ning expert. I'm a tech-head who has worked in IT for over 10 years; and I have some experience on another Ning network. This is not an official statement from the GW staff; just some friendly tips for my fellow GW users. Feel free to message me if you have questions, comments, or suggestions for other topics. ~Johnny

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Yea, let me know if you find it. Would be curious if maybe Ning changed something.
Also something of note...

The My Discussions section on your personal page only shows discussions from the Forums.

Also, hopefully obvious, but just-in-case; when you're in the Forums and click the My Discussions link, you will only see your discussions in the Forums. -- While on this screen, note that there is a View drop-down where you can select to view the discussions you've replied to, or the discussions you've started.





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