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hi, I am related to Laura Ingalls Wilder, Grandma Moses, Johnny Appleseed(John Chapman) Orson Welles, The Beach Boys, Norman Rockwell, the Gish sisters(silent Screen actresses), Richard Gere, Wahlbergs, and Francis Cooke, he came over on the Mayflower. Possibly Marilyn Monroe. Lady Diana Spencer, on her American side, Mit Romney, and Sarah Palin.

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Well, son of a gun, ME TOO! Of course this is the small list. Though I haven't found the Wahlbergs connection yet! Perhaps you could fill me in a little. Maybe I can add you to my list of relations. Pick a name of one of the above, and perhaps I can find the rest. Then I'll inform you of how we might related.

By pick a name, I meant to say  your "family trail" to their connection.





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