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April 13, 1895

Actor Gentry Fails to Testify at the
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., April 12.—Dep
uty Coroner Dugan at noon to-day began
an official inquiry into the death of Mar
garet Winifred Drysdale (Madge Yorke),
the young actress who was shot and killed
by Actor James B. Gentry on the night of
February 17 last.
The delay in holding the inquest was
caused by Gentry's illness in consequence
of injuries sustained by him in his leap
from the rear fire-escape of the hotel and
his subsequent attempt to commit suicide.
The only eye-witness of the crime, Miss
Lida Clarke of the Baggage Check Com
pany, was not present, but her deposition,
already published, was read.
Gentry's sallow face was pale and hag
gard and his deep, black hair fell in a mass
over his brow. The events preceding and
following the crime were told by a num
ber of witnesses.
Detective Crawford said the pistol used
by Gentry belonged to a member of the
lloss and Hoss Company named Heckert.
The deposition of Charles Edward Magee
was read.
He said he was 28 years old ; had known
Gentry ten years; met Miss Drysdale for
the first time last January. . -y
He was introduced to her by Gentry as
his betrothed. Never had any words
about her. It was Magee's opinion that
Gentry had been "guyed" about Madge by
"alleged friends" until he had become
frenzied. Under the advice of his counsel
Gentry did not testify.
The jury rendered a verdict that "Mar
garet W. Drysdale came to her death by
gunshot wounds received at the hands of
James B. Gentry."

The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, April 13, 1895, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside; Riverside, CA

july 4 ,1895 the new york dramatic mirror reported

''Upon her refusal to kiss him until he should explain his failure to meet her at Jersey City, he produced a revolver and, without warning, fired five shots at her head ''  

 James B. Gentry almost got hung , he was spared the death sentence , and got life in prison , and was let out after 14 years . 

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