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I am currently researching the areas of Ockov and Krakovany in Nitra, Slovakia. I am hoping to locate sources on the web that would supply me with scans of original documents, much like has for my Czech research.

The surnames I am directly researching include: KLCO, ZERVAN, CECHVALA, AUGUSTIN, NEMECEK, PETERKA.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have downloaded some photos of (mostly) unknown individuals on my page; I hope to find someone who can identify at least one of these people, since they were obviously important to at least one of my family members at one time.  I have noted if they are suspected to be of Slovak or Czech descent, based upon where the photograph was taken (if known) and my knowledge of where my family was at the time.

Any assistance or helpful suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hello, Catherine, again. The Church of Latter Day Saints is digitizing some records in Slovakia. Their website is: Scroll down to Research by Location, click on Europe, and a list of countries comes up. Scroll down to Slovakia, and good luck with your research.
Thanks, Tom; I will see what I can find!  Hope you are well.
Well, I didn't find any records yet, but I did find that Krakovany is in Piestany, not Nitra!  Always good to know your geography!  :) now allows you to browse through digitized images of all the parish registers from Krakovany (baptisms, births, deaths).  The collection is called "Slovakia Church Books, 1592-1910".  Once you get there, click the link to Browse Images, then click on "Roman Catholic", then "Piešťany", then "Krakovany", then click on the parish register that you want to browse through.  I found this VERY helpful, although there are no indexes.

Yes, it is true that Krakovany is currently within Piešťany okres ("okres" means county in Slovak).  Before the formation of Slovakia (or Czechoslovakia), this area was part of Hungary.  When it was part of Hungary, it was in Nyitra megye ("megye" means county in Hungarian).  This is important because there is an 1869 census from Hungary that is organized by county.  The Family History Library has the microfilm of the 1869 census of Krakovany.  I can find the film number if you need it.

Thanks, Brad; you are a great source of information!  Please continue to provide your assistance as you deem appropriate; it is most welcome!  As far as the film number goes, I think I can locate it on the FHL website, but I appreciate the suggestion.



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