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I have been in contact with this group and I am hoping that Linda Tart, their Registrar will consider becoming the Moderator of this group. She can be of great help to us and would be so much more knowledgeable!


Betty, I did forward your comment to them and they are interested in the documentation you have regarding Burk Trammell. Perhaps they can help set the records straight as you wished.


Thank you all for being members of this group!



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Sherry,  Just tewll me who to send it to and an e-mail address and I will send copies of all the stuff I got out of the Texas archives.


Here you go Betty. Please let them know you are the one I spoke about this morning in the email, and you are a member of the "Alamo Defenders Group" at

Hope it all goes well for you!



Lee Spencer White - President - Email:

I'm not a descendant of an Alamo Defender but I am related to three Alamo Defenders. (James Butler Bonham, Davy Crockett, and Lewis Johnson)

The Alamo has it wrong, Lewis Johnson was NOT from Wales. That's what happens when you don't do your research! He was born in Illinois Territory, while his father was born in Virginia.

Two relations from Dad's side (Johnson & Bonham) and one from Mom's side (Crockett).



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