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Yesterday we launched a contest on with $800 in prizes. Members expressed concern that portions of our contest could be "gamed" with members adding useless content. So, we revised the rules to try to solve this problem. See the revised rules here:$800_Genealogy...

We'd love your feedback on this. Does this resolve your concerns? How could we modify this to make it better? Please let us know if you are in favor or against this contest in this form. We are very willing to pull the contest completely if that is the consensus of our members. What do you think?

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Hi, I'm new here and have been putzen around various geneology sites for about 6 months. I have found some interesting information along the way, but I would have to say what has interested me the most was the information I recieved from others, especially family members that I never knew of. I would be more than happy to recieve leads, information, photographs, etc. From anyone as long as they were sent in good faith with valid information pertaining to my ancestry, not fill a quota. I would be more than grateful for any good leads, info, but don't quite understand "the Contest" so I will lead that decision up to those more familiar as to what it would/could accomplish, but to be honest, I was curious when I was thumbing though the comments and came across "the Contest rules have changed." I couldn't imagine, a contest? I personally prefer quality of information over quanity of messages. If I were to get an overanundace of messages with no thought or validity to their message I would probably unsubscribe very quickly unless the info I find through this site far outweighs the others. On the other hand, I think it would be a nice gesture and I don't have an issue with acknowleging, awarding those who go beyond what would be expected and offer great direction,advice information simply because........... Not because they wan't to win a competition and who knows, just like a few have mentioned above, no one wants to start recieving chain letters with usless info. Maybe you can break the subscribers down into categories, a. B. C.. D. And professional. The subscribers could rate the info according to validity, quality etc...Simular to e-bay with a star system. This might not step on the toes of the experieced/professionals, but I do like having someway of acknowleding someone and letting others know they did and it was appreciated, Maybe a ribbon, plaque and a few months free for being such a kind and sharing person and appreciated by yourself and others of this site. Maybe a symbol by their name, a special title, be able to blow them a kiss, shake their hand, thumbs up, fist bump or when the connection they were looking for (missing puzzle piece) was found due to others kindness. May or may not be a idea others would be interested in
I've posted before about Rankings & Recommendations. And we certainly like categories (which GenyWise seems unable to do unless it is manually, slowly, painfully), or even simple clues like B-I-A for level of difficulty.

Overall, we get our rewards from the chase, the detective work, the solving of the puzzle. And we are rewarded when we accurately document another ancestor (if we are organized and use good methods and have some providence or good luck).

The Gifts idea doesn't seem appropriate here. I also wish all those seeking clients, or those trying to sell items, would have their own distinct section of GW -that could easily be skipped by those not interested.
Sorry folks I don't want contests and prizes. I want to do my favourite hobby without all this nonsense Thank you.
Nor do I want Gifts and "why are you here? comment boxes. You can get all that on Facebook.
The new gift app is a product of Ning. They placed it on the site. We are looking into how to remove it from the site.

Gena Philibert Ortega
Community Manager, GenealogyWise
Let's hope it will be possible, I really appreciate how the GW team take our comments and act upon them.
Thank you Gena.



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