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I want to set up a family history website, or use one already set up, with the following features:

  • A blog or other feature for presenting the latest information, explaining what is available.
  • Means for people to make comments, offer additions
  • Means to receive queries, evaluate, and approve as family member
  • Protection of living persons’ information, showable only to admitted family.
  • Present the narrative of the family history with links to their place in the family tree, maps, etc.
  • Present the family tree, focused on individual; adjustable as to what generations, relationships it shows; other links?
  • Able to click from one individual to another.
  • Show an individual’s record, or family record
  • Mapping feature, linking to place names in other contexts; receive and locate place names from the database
  • Generate maps to show locations over time, a person’s movements, locations of a set of people at a given time
  • display a timeline of events in a person's life, bringing in spouse or parents or children.
  • Carry photos linked to persons and places

Too much to ask for?

Researching websites, looked promising in a 2010 beta release, but I don't see it on line now.  I do see options that lack some of the features, especially the mapping and timelines.

I can use Word documents, Access, Excel, but don't want to learn complex coding.

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