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Along with a ton of others, these are my most prominent Quebecois surnames:  Maltais/Maltese; Fontaine, Charbonneau, Gagnon, Bienvenu; and any/all related family lines that connect to these.

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FYI I just recently started a LALONDE Family group on this web site. It includes LALANDE & LALONE, thanks,

I also collect all TREMBLAY / TREMBLY / TREMBLEY / TROMBLEY/ TREMBLE / etc. data and am interested in MONTOUR / MONTURE, MELOCHE / MALOSH, LEROY-AUDY and BOURASSA families.

I do have TREMBLAY, and although I haven't yet run across the other spellings, I'm sure they are in there. My data goes back to the late 1500's so far, but I got sidetracked and have not been working with this line recently. I do want to take it back farther into France. If I'm not mistaken, I believe they came from the region of LeHavre?

I am currently working with some of the CHARBONNEAU family to combine all our info and compare the data, plus we are working on trying to confirm the parents of Olivier CHARBONNEAU.

I love working with my French lines - so many of them, so many who made a huge impact on the early founding and settlement of Quebec. Probably the most fun I've had with family info in years!
I did a series of articles on the family way back when . It is out of date, have made a few corrections and loads of additions.

You have probably seen these sites already but, just in case,

Good luck on your project, I know how time consuming it is, also know how much fun it is also, Jim.
Actually, I had not seen the angelfire site - thanks! Heading over to take a look at it now. And thanks also for the link to your articles. Another thing I'm going to be looking at tonight! Thanks again!
? for you James -

How many times so far have you found your Quebecois families ending up circling right back in on themselves when they marry? rofl I've given up trying to keep count lol. I have two families going back on my Fontaine dit Bienvenu side that each had 12-14 kids. Half of those kids married each other, and then had children.

From the other half who didn't marry each other, but married others, and had kids.... all of these kids married each other. This kept occurring over about 3 generations or so, and when it was all done, EVERY single person in those two original families ended up being a grandparent, cousin, aunt/uncle to me! Loved it, once I got it figure out, that is lol.
I am only a little less then 1/2 F-C and part of that I cannot trace all the way back to Quebec, but of the other lines I do trace back to I am descended from over 50 families more then once! The ARCHAMBAULT family I descend from three daughters of the immigrant family, one of the daughters from both her marriages. That is why they say all the French-Canadians are related. I can show relationship to Madonna & Celine DION, but I can't carry a tune in a bucket. :)
oh yes, James, we are most definitely related to each other! lol Celine Dion and I share a set of - I would have to look, but I believe it is our 4th gr-grandparents. Actually, we share a LOT of relatives, and many of them not that far back in generations - several are as close as 2 generations back. Which is cool, because she had such a tremendous voice!
I've heard that too. And I was told also that I am related to Madonna and Celine! I don't remember exactly how. I have Cazes (Lacasse, Casse), Martin, Miville, Crevier, Leroux, Ethier in my family.
Daniel -

checking my data to see where your names come into Celine Dion's line. Will also check data on Madonna's lineage and see where they fit in, too!

And to correct a MAJOR faux pas' - I said that Celine "HAD" a tremendous voice - OOPS! let's change that to HAS, please? lol
Okay, if you can give me a few first names, along with some dates, I can dig into my stuff and get it figured out. Flying with only the surnames makes it way to hard to figure out which/who/where/when. Too darn many with the same names repeated for multiple generations - lol.

I like to dig around in Quebec, and work with it a lot - so I'm willing to help wherever I can!
Voila quelques prenoms: Artemise Martin, daughter of Victor Martin, son of Henri Martin; also: Jean Baptiste Cazes, Joseph Cazes, Louis Cazes, Scholastique Miville. Merci! DT
Donc je peux être sûr - était votre Scholastique Miville a vraiment appelé Miville-Deschenes ? Fille de Joseph Miville-Deschenes.

Et Scholastique s'est marié avec Antoine Cazes, le fils de Louis, est-ce que j'ai raison ?



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