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I have a nice sized collection (about 500) of photos that I have almost finished assembling chronologically. Now, I am looking for an application that will allow me to order the photos, give them a title, and list who is in those photos. After doing that for all my photos, I would appreciate it if the application would generate an index. Is this possible? It is not possible with the software I checked so far- they allow putting together a photo album or scrapbook, but not indexing that.

I am dreaming of an ability to index each photo twice, by the title of the photo, and by whom is in it. Example:

Joe's Dove Hunt
Joe Smith, 11, his father John Smith, and
their hunting results in Tennessee, 2003.

I could index "Joe's Dove Hunt" and also both names, "Smith, Joe- photo"  "Smith, John-photo"

Any suggestions, advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Robert Carneal

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I use Heritage Collector Pro. This program allows me to organize, manage and find my photos and documents. You can label individuals in pictures and even add GPS coordinates if desired. I know you can search for pictures depending on how you label them and get a list of them. i can also link pictures and documents to my genealogy computer program. Check out their website:



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