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Over the past few years I've been using a published professional 'ghost whisperer' to help me find the birth family of my adopted grandfather. Many interesting clues have surfaced, but, still 'no cigar'. We've used artifacts that he had touched during his life, 1892-1959, and a photo of him and a photo of his adoptive parents. I started using DNA 6 years ago. I've tried facial recognition with deceased 'suspected' family members. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the fascinating world of paragenealogy. Who is it you are looking for? Have you been to his grave? If you go there ask him questions using normal ghost hunting methods such as EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena. using a voice recorder, divining rods, mag lights. Remember this is outside the realm of traditional research so be careful who you talk to about this. I have been ignored by personnel at the historical society  because I believe it is possible to contact the dead. But only the ones who want to be contacted it appears. Good luck and post what you find.

Another thing you might want to try is meditation before trying anything paranormal. Meditation to clear your mind. Look on the internet for "Ancestral Guides". Many people believe that our ancestors are available to guide you or give you clues to your ancestry. I have never had this happen. When I meditate my angels  appear, but this is not the same thing. Some nights I am in chat. Stop by and check. I work nights in Gettysburg but am sometimes in chat. Good luck


Yesterday I went to where the ashes of my adopted pauper grandfather had been spread back in 1959. I introduced myself and asked him who his birth parents were (although he may have never known during life). I had a digital video recorder running for about 20 minutes while I napped there in the shade of a tree. I have not yet viewed the video. I plan to do the same this coming weekend at the headstone of the people who had adopted him. Does audio-video recording work as well as audio alone?

Robert, I've been a student of metaphysics for many years. I would stay away from the ghost hunting methods, but rather, consult a medium such as Francesca Kimpton. I've known a number of people who became involved in ghost hunting using EVP methods, lights, etc. who have little experience in metaphysics beyond the fact that they saw it on television or heard about it from this person or the other. When you utilize non-traditional methods without backing up your findings with data obtained through those methods, yes, you will have little to no credibility with traditional researchers. Think of it as a tool to get to where you need to be (i.e., knocking down a brick wall) and treat it with respect. It's not a game or hobby, and yes, if you are viewed as such, your work will not be respected. The other side is a sacred realm of existence and the veil can be brought down but should be with care and respect. 

Genealogy is hard work and it means nothing but good old-fashioned research.  Anything else is just pure nonsense.



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