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I added this data to another group but I am adding it here as well. is a free site from the Library of Michigan for death records from 1897 to 1920 with the actual documents available and for printing.

Be aware the extractions are not the best; names are mis-spelled but you can search by county, year, first name or surname and more. Just be really aware if you type in Smith and you don't find it to try other methods of searching.

Adding: Family Seach LabsThis is the short cut directly to 'records' you can select and then fill the form out and select the county, state, country.. start typing in the word of the city, county pause for a second and it will auto-fill with the different states etc the town you are looking for is it and you select the one you want to search from the list you are given. But do pause a second or it will say: no town by that name or some such thing... sorry I accidently deleted a message in my 'not knowing what I am doing yet' part of GenWise life! ;) this is 1897-1920 .There are also misc birth; census; military records here. I am referring all to MI but there are other states you can try.

Do a google search for Gendis death records These are records from 1867-1897 not originals but extractions. Ask if there are things I didn't make clear.

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I am really loving this site!!!
Shall I assume ;) you have accessed the marriage/death and some births at for Michigan?
This website have given me MAJOR information ( in only a few hours) that I have been desperately looking for. THANK YOU so much for sharing!

Congrats Lisa; don't forget for MI death and marriages and some births~ ;)

Lisa said:
This website have given me MAJOR information ( in only a few hours) that I have been desperately looking for. THANK YOU so much for sharing!

Thank you so much for posting this information! I just found a ton of information about my family on this website - data I had been hoping to find for *years*! I've already tried, but the dates for the info on this site were just a bit too early. I'm so pleased! Thank you, again!
Here's a suggestion for 1867-1897 Michigan Deaths:;p=c...
Some of my best "finds" on the Seeking Michigan site resulted from including "Father's Last Name" in the Advanced Search criteria. The FamilySearch Labs pilot site is also a goldmine. I sometimes use a similar search method (including known parents first names and/or surnames as part of the Advanced Search), just in case something odd happened during the record transcription and indexing. MI Gendis is great when you get a hit but many vital events are missing.
I have used this site a few times, its very good. I did find my Grandmothers first marriage record in there but not her second from 1923 though. Oh well, maybe someone on ancestry will have it. talk soon!
The Michigan link didnt work so I googled it and this is the correct link
Brenda, the link attached to Family Search Labs in your original message took me to a home page for the LDS pilot project, not directly to the record search routine. But was the url displayed when I did get to the search section, and it worked directly when I tried it from a different window.
Hi, I just checked the links and they worked for me. I go to the 2nd link down that says: Records....... they search from there. I have had so many that get lost going from the main page that I just put the URL above so there was not as much confusion. All the links end up at the same road if you don't get lost ;) Following the yellow brick road I am~ ;)



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