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I am fascinated with my ancestors of yesteryear and I search for interesting stories of actual events that happened in my ancestors lives.     i am at a standstill with my Grand Aunt Mildred Catherine LaVoy, she was my grandmother’s sister on my fathers side.  According to her obituary, she was an accomplished ballerina that traveled worldwide.  My uncle always bragged about her dancing career and how she repeatedly traveled around the world.  My uncle Bob kept in touch with her and they called each from time to time.  I would like to find media information about her dancing or research her dancing career and find old photos of her performances on stage,   Can anyone please help me find out about her career as a ballerina?  Please help me add her story to my family tree.

 I need help in how to research a performer from the 1930’s and 40’s who lived in the Chicago area and lived in Evanston IL for a time with her sister Therese Conover LaVoy.  Mildred LaVoy born in Rhinelander Wisconsin on 1/2/1908 and died there in her home town in 11/30/1999. Please, please help me find out about her dancing career.


Susan Dzialo Hazelquist 

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