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Does anybody know of anyone offering their services to do searches and things in the Montreal area? I need somebody to do some searches for me in the archives of the Montreal Gazette.

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I enlisted the services of Pennie Predmile 4 years ago.  Very good.  Pennie lives at Cote St. Luc, a suburb of montreal.  should that fail try the Qudebec family History   click on reaearch help and you will find a list 1/2 way down the page.

good luck

william Ball

there is a group. started as a "Parent Finder "group,however has morphed into general discussion. which may be of interest to you, you can ask questions and get some directions/ feedback

"Hi To All,
This is your reminder for Thursday's Meeting at Starbucks on Sources at 7:30 PM (Feb. 17th). Please reply if you are planning to attend.
Early birds grab a section for our gathering, Introduce your self, don't be shy. Say Peter invited me.. You can tell us how Twltter  etc. works. everyone welcome. suggestion- we like chocolate?



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