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I just joined the site about 9 days ago.  I have been sitting quietly in the chatroom for the past 4-5 nites.  I have yet to actually see anything concerning genealogy being discussed in there!  So far, I have read about someone having hundreds of computer viruses, organ transplants, sewing projects, everything under the sun EXCEPT genealogy.


If this is the way this chat is run, I think I'll keep looking for a chat that really DOES talk genealogy.

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Thanks, Carol! I look forward to listening to the next Paranormal Genealogy broadcast--now, if I could just figure out how to DO that:-)
Interesting... Have you checked the chat schedule? Sign on much? I have yet to enter the chat room that genealogy in every aspect wasn't being discussed. People in the chat room cannot tell you are there unless you say hello. The chat room lists everyone signed on to the site not just those in the room.
If you have a question or subject for discussion you must speak up. It's the luck of the draw as to who is there at any given time.

The majority of the talk on the chat is about history/genealogy. I personally on the FIRST day after I INTRODUCED myself  was warmly greeted and asked who I was researching and found I had a connection to a few of the members and have been offered help from multiple members to help me climb a brick wall in my tree, and I see help being doled out on the regular.In fact there are people in chat right now helping out one another on a shared line. As a "Rookie" researcher, I have learned so much from the more experienced researchers from just interacting in the chat. The chat is a wonderful place, but you have to do more then just lurk. We don't bite, promise. If you want to talk about something bring it up =) 


I just joined this site a day or so ago. I found it by googling gen blogs. I am quite impressed with the chat room. I came here to have a place to blog and found the chat room to be a complete surprise. I personally don't want to be in a stuffy room where the conversation is so stiff I cannot be myself. I'm not a gen expert or looking for anyone to "help" me, but the offers were wonderful. I was offered, look-ups, help and turned onto some very good info. Lea, perhaps instead of being a stalker of the room, why don't you try introducing yourself and making nice with the other folks.  It is my understanding that their are weekly chats, but the moderator was sick, it happens. All I'm saying is, if your going to be a fly on the wall, then all you can expect is to eat paint!

The times I have been in the chat room they are not talking Genealogy.

 Although I differed with the comments about the paranormal chat as I use divination and other methods in combination with the traditional academic, I do agree with the comments that there is an enormous amount of non-genealogy chat going on in the room. Cooking, family, whining about their lack of money to pay for their "genealogy" hobby, medical issues, etc. are running rampant, and particularly in the evening. Even the genealogy chat is dominated by the same people and very cliquish. 

I'm not sure why this old thread was resurrected a few weeks ago. 

I think that it is hard not to become interested in the people you chat with daily or weekly.  I think that chat rooms can also easily become a place where people feel left out, perhaps sometimes because they don't share a lot of common interests with the others.  Personally, I am interested in the people I'm talking to and while I come here primarily to learn and share genealogy knowledge, I also like knowing things about the people with whom I'm spending time. 

Every time I go on , no one is talking about genealogy


Let me know when you find one




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