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What Kind of Person Has a Video Biography Made?

In talking about my business to families and individuals, I often come across the perception that you have to be “almost famous” to have a video made about you or your family. People will say, “well there’s nothing really that interesting about us. We’re just a regular family doing regular things. Nothing like the people you see on TV.” The perception being that your life has to have been distinguished by something remarkable and media-worthy in order to justify the production of a biography.

One of the things that I often ask people is if I had a video of their great-grandfather talking about his life, what would that be worth to them? Most people get it and smile. “Of course, I would do whatever I could to get a copy of that.” It deserves some thought about what we are creating now that would leave something behind for our great-grandchildren. How will they know us?

Genealogy is the number 1 hobby in America today.
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