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In the last two days I've acquired some significant new information related to one of my family lines. If the resultant bouyancy I'm experiencing were ice cream, I'd eat the entire half gallon. There are such long dry periods. The dicouragement creeps up on me. I become frustrated, petulant --- sometimes to the point of saying, "What IS the point of all this?" I've even wanted simply to walk away from my work and shirk off the feeling of responsiblity that this project carries for me. Then, when I think I've reached the brink, something seemingly miraculous occurs, pulling me back and giving me at least a year's worth of energy and commitment.

My mother and I heat up the phone lines each time some new information reveals itself. They seem to hum with our mutual enthusiasm. I love her with such intensity that it frightens me. She is my biggest supporter in this endeavor. Not just once has she wanted to send me money to pay for various subscriptions or handed me her credit card to use when I believe I'm ready for a "pay per view" Irish records site. I can hear her now: "God bless you, Kate --- if you stick with it long enough, you'll get all the way back to Adam and Eve." We will, mom.

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Comment by Kate Steere on September 1, 2009 at 12:36pm
:) yes the walking on air feeling is one reason we do it, unfortunately, most of the time, its where did he or she go? LOL

Congrats! :)


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