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Trying the blogging functionality by writing about Chrome OS article

Okay, let's try the blogging function ;-)

Less than year after Chrome, Google introduces Chrome OS.
The article Chrome OS discusses common misconceptions, warns against some all to easy misinterpreations, points out some easily overlooked facts and a implications, such as what the expected delivery schedule implies for Linux users, provides a brief analysis of the what and why, and discusses how Chrome OS fits in the netbook market between Windows 7 and Android.
Article mentions what you may want to look for in netbook if you are doubting between Windows 7 and Chrome OS now, and finally points out that... ...drum roll...
...most of Chrome OS is already here for you to use!

Seems to work fine and quick enough.
Had no trouble making quick updates after saving and publishing.
Did need to put quotes around "Windows 7" and "open source" to avoid splitting it into two tags.

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