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Seeking some assistance to further the Francis Genealogical Tree in Wales

Hello fellow Historians,

Most of my present family of FRANCIS, have mostly lived in the County of Surrey, but in the 19th century their dwellings were In London? I have traced my lineage to Clun in Shropshire, England, with still away to go; to the early 18th Century. I located a ancestor with the name Richard Francis, who married a lady (May 31, 1761) to Sarah Squire?  but the most interesting lineage is Welsh; or on the borders of Wales?  

Located a marriage of John Francis of Fordon, who married Elizabeth Price of Guilsford, Wales at a place called Castle Ceaereinion, Montgomeryshire, Wales in February 17, 1723?

John Francis was born in 1698: Elizabeth Price was born in 1694, her baptism was August 26, 1694 & died in 1746: her Baptism was in Bangor-is-Coed, Flint, Wales.

Her Father was John Price; Mother Demisene?

Once child: John

I myself personally has spent most of my life on ships? Born in England; military 3 years until a bad accident? Then 38 years on Commercial Shipping. I have health problems & look after my wife, who has problems walking? Hard for me to get around myself?  now reside in California, in the San Fernando Valley.

Appreciate anybody who has insight & completed some research in this area. Look forward to those who are interested in genealogy?

Respectfully Barry Francis

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