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Research Notes for Edward Ward and Son Joel Ward and Grandson William L. Ward in Richland, Wayne, Ashland and Knox Counties of the State of Ohio

Joel Ward was born in Richland County, Troy Township. Ohio in 1831. I found a great map of the Original Richland County in the "Past Finder" Newsletter from the Richland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, it was in Volume 11 #2 April-June 1992 on Page 29. I located this publication at the Georgina Cole Library in Carlsbad, California. The map was originally from "Ellsworth's Original Land Records of Richland County, Ohio". On this map Troy is in R19. I found a more detailed map on the Internet Archives book "History of Richald County, Ohio" this map is from 1880 and looks more like a plat map where Troy is in Richland County, Ohio

In the History of Knox County, Ohio (page 788) I found Edward Ward's son Joel Ward (born in Troy, Richland County, Ohio). He married Alletha Roland whose father James Roland was from Green township, Richland County born April 11, 1824. James Roland's father was Simon Rowland who was from Pennsylvania and came to Green Township, Richland County. James Roland moved to Knox county in 1860.

Parts of Richland county including Troy became Ashland County.

http://www.familyhistory101.maps/oh-ef.html has a county formation map where it shows that parts of Wayne county became Ashland County in 1846 in the area where Edward Ward lived in Mohican township as of the 1840 census (Mohican, Wayne County, Ohio) until the 1850 Census (Mohican, Ashland County)

Joel Ward is in Pleasant Township, Putnam County (1860 census) by the 1870 census Joel Ward is in Miller township, Knox county Ohio he stays there at least until 1900.

Joel's son William L. Ward is mentioned in "Past and Present of Knox County, Ohio, Volume which was edited by Albert B. Williams (William L. Ward is on pages 594-596) This character sketch says that Joel was a carpenter and was in the Civil war in Company B of the 142nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (note this is not Confederate Lynchburg Virginia as family legend claims) Joel (this calls him "Joe" dies on Aug 28, 1903. William is my great grandfather. My grandmother was Beatrice Ward also mentioned in this character sketch.

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