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When I first started to research my family tree I wisely wrote down every entry I heard from family, I researched the usual places online and found dates and names to fill in my tree, my data became a menagerie. So I read how to organize the mess you see, then I wondered how to communicate this book across the sea. Now I searched for templates and discovered many but unfortunately I needed dollars a plenty you see. . Each template I found though it be free, took a Paf editor whose price was nowhere near my budget decree. So I read many books, and contemplated more, I soon came upon one at the store. Its called Genealogy 101 so I took it home and read it each page near the phone.

Now in a chapter it mentioned genealogy programs which were free, now I could enter the information in a file and e-mail to my family exclusively. So I tell you this in this rhyming spree, here now is a way to communicate your work for free, I’m not a poet so my rhyming may be off, but the story is true and I’m glad you read it now you won't be blue, if you budget is small here's what to do. Go to the LDS Genealogy home page site and click on the link below the picture about "Free PAF Family History Software" a.s.a.p. and find this awesome genealogy program I found without a fee, So if you follow the path that goes to be debt free follow this site to and send your work to you family and how happy they will be.

Many happy communications all, Gail Reitz

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