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Daghuerder = Day laborer
Dagloner = Day laborer
Dekker = Roofer, slater or reed-thatcher
Diefleyer = Helper of the sheriff
Hopman = Chief, leader, headman
Horlogiemaker = Horloger /clockmaker/watchmaker
(Hout) draeyer = Turner in wood
(Hout) drucker = Blockprinter
Houtenbeeldsnyder = Wooden statue sculptor
Houtenprinsnyder = Wood engraver
Houtgraveur = Wood-engraver
Houthakker = Wood-cutter, timber-cutter
Houtsnijder = Wood-carver, -sculptor
Houtzager = Sawyer
Jager = Hunter
Klerk = Clerk, schoolmaster, registrar, secretary
Koopman = Salesman, merchant
Kramer, kremer = Pedlar, hawker, cheapjack, market-vendor
Kuiper = 1. Cooper, bucket-maker; 2. Herring-packer(in buckets); 3. In the paper making -mostly in a papermill- the man who's helping, and standingasides the big paper-tub;  4. In Groningen coopermakers and cartwrights were working at the same place and
owned by the same proprietor: in this case the 'kuiper' was called 'koeper' -Groningen
dialect- and he could be making wheels, wagons and coaches as well.
Landbouwer = Farmer, agriculturalist (See also: Landman)
Landgraaf -Landgrave
Landheer = Landowner, landlord
Landman = Farmer
Landvrouw = Farmer's wife
Schout = Bayliff, sheriff
Schepen = Sheriff, magistrate, alderman
Scheper = Shepherd
Setmeyer (Fr) = Tenant-farmer without a tenancy agreement
Timmerman = Carpenter
Viss(ch)er = Fisherman
Weiman/Weyman/Wijman = Hunter, Huntsman (See also: Jager/ Bosschieter)
Wever = Weaver (French: Tisserand)
Schout = Bayliff, sheriff
Schepen = Sheriff, magistrate, alderman
so Stouten was a sheriff -
my line going back to 1700 is Still Stouten although noticed the start of the droping of the n
Having fun Looking for my 1700 Deeker's 
Dekker = Roofer, slater or reed-thatcher.
Will have to look in to Timmerman
and Koopman more..  
also research nick names for Long names.

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