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My first foray into personal blogging

I maintain two blogs in my role as a Local and Family history Librarian, one for genealogy and one for local history - although it is surprising how the two can interact so much. I have RSS feeds to these blogs on my page.

I have thought for a while about starting a blog to document my own family history research, as well as talk about new resources and resourcs I like etc. So perhaps this is a good place to start for now.

I recently learned that the Public Records Office Victoria has finished digitising its wills and probates up to 1925 and so I went in search once again for my Joseph Grose who I have not been able to determine a death for.

Knowing his wife was Maria, was evidence enough to find his will - and death in Talbot, Victoria in 1917 and I have now ordered the death certificate online to get further information. It has been a while since I ordered one online.

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