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I am looking for anyone that is related to the McDermotts, of Neligh or Elgin Neb. They were the greatgrand parents of my late husband.

I do not know their first names, I have a picture of a couple,that I am hopeing to be his great grandparents, the man is over 6 ft. which is coinsidisng with what my late husband told me about his great grand father, Mr McDermott had a printing press in town,he was the father to Eudora Plank, my husbands grandmother.. I would like to  have this information for my family history.also have a picture of a couple that looks like was taken in the country and I am hopeing this is of Charles and Eudora Plank, Im looking for anyone that is related to Charlie and Eudora.they lived in Elgin and later in Neligh, Neb. Charlie &Eudora were my late husbands grandparents.Charles had a big ranch in Antelope Co.and that is where my late husband was raised

I also have a picture of a man,that I am hopeing is the father to my late mother-in-law, Monteque Flambeau.this may not be his real name,My mother in law would never tell much about  her parents, although they lived in N.H.


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Comment by whitney mcdermut on March 29, 2012 at 9:59pm
Hi Marlene, I accidently came across your request and was delighted. I am whitney b mcdermut, great grandson of the mcdermut you are looking for. Don,t let the "mut" spelling throw you. For a printer, they are usually picky spellers, he was all over the place with his name. I found one census where he was listed as "mott, mut and mert". I am really new at this genealogy business but I have always been a very strong researcher (sciences) and have great sucess in the last few days. I think I can fill you in on your search from felix back three generations with good documentation. Felix was the only child of dora or eudora plank and charles L plank. The were married on 2may1904 in sarpy county nebraska, probably in bellvue (the first town in neb. and about nine mile south of omaha). Her parents were whitney b mcdermut and fannie (again lots of spellings but her headstone in the bellvue cemetary reads fannie norris,wife of whitney b mcdermut). They had a passel of kids which I won't go into unless you want me to. Dora was born in 1881 in sarpy cty bellvue,neb, was the second of their many children. They married at ages 26 for plank and 23 for mcdermut. Plank came from iowa and his father's given name was felix and again a passel of kids. The 1920 census has them living in logan,antelope, neb. and list felix w. plank (13) as their only child. The l900 census has charles l. family living in caldwell,wheeler,neb(that's felix and mary and five kids). The 1930 census has dora and charles living in caldwell,wheeler,neb, their ages are listed as charles 53 and eudora 49. She is working as a public school teacher and I think charles was a farmer. The 1930 census does not list felix so he must of struck out by this date. I have some good stuff on the mcdermut family and can take you back to the wedding date of dora's grandparents. Now, there is something you can do for me. Get me current on the dora/charles end of the family. I am attempting to follow though with each of the mcdermut children. Three down many to go. Also, I would say novinas for you if I could get a reproduction of my great grandparents photo, which is saying alot if you knew how unreligious I am. I will cover all expenses in advance. I have lots more on the mcdermut and plank crowd but this is good for openers. Since this is the first time I have used this website I am including my e-mail to be sure you get it. e-mail me and I will give you a phone number.




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