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For those of your who still doubt the importance of updating your game plan to using more current on line and program resources I would like to give you some examples of how using some of these modern day wonders have expanding not only my research but has expanded my family also.

One of the greatest things to come out of my research is finding a whole group of family members who our family had never had contact with on FACE BOOK of all places. As a result my family now has at least an on line relationship with other cousins who are directly related to us but because of time and lost connections no one knew about or had ever tried to find. I found them, plugged them into the family and there we have it.

From this connect we have all been able to share photos of family members that are no longer around and even new family members. Get correct information on family members that might have been lost other wise, and we have gained some insight into parts of the family that would have never happened other wise. One photo I gained is the only one of one of my Uncles children who only lived a short time and no information was out there on her. Now I have her information and a face to go with the name.

Keeping data, images and all the information on family members and even notes and documents has never been easier. I can fire up Legacy and for the $35.00 it cost me save myself a lot pains by having all this information stored in one place and access easy enough. Adding to this info is so easy it is almost painful to think that at one time I would have had to do all this by hand and keep massive files on every thing and remember where it all was. Then there is the easy of sharing this info quick and simply with others. Time and energy is saved for other things like more research buy having so many functions in one program.

Other things that I have been able to do is work on Scrape Booking project connected to my research without using the original photo, Getting digital images saved to my files on family members of Census, war and other records and I love that I can even copy internet pages with information on them and store that image along with my other research instead of having to always go back to that site. Here is a screen capture from Ancestry that I have in with my files for my Dad.

I have a few of those from different sites hanging in files on my computer. Learning how to use high tech toys for research and documenting your research can be a REALLY really good thing so if you were not sure before about doing this I hope this helps some.

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Comment by Daniel Johnson on December 15, 2010 at 10:34pm

That is awesome! Thanks for checking it out.

I have picture on flash drive, my old pc and disk. Maybe over kill on places to store them but you can never be too careful. Some of them there are only one or two hard copies of any where.




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