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John Jones (son of John Jones and Mary Doughty) and Mary Brown (daughter of Preserve Brown Jr. and Mary French) can be found in old Pennsylvania Quaker Meeting records, including their marriage.

Gedcoms then lose them in regard to descendants from them.

Many of the Brown family settled along the East Fork of the Susquehanna River and can be found along it from Wilkes-Barre downstream to Sunbury.

I suspect that this John Jones is the John Jones who died in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 1809.

I am looking for ANY subsequent information on John and Mary's family: children, Mary's death, etc, etc.

If I am off-base in my suspicions, I'd love to be able to lay this one aside and quit thinking about it. If I'm not off-base, there is a very good chance that these are one of my 4G-Grandparent sets.

Some people have brick walls. I have a hay stack and am hoping to find the needle.


Joe Hittle

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