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In memory and in honor of the ancestors who have gone before me - the ones who died before their time.

Infant Hulbert - son of my 4th great-grandfather. Never knew about you until I happened across your stone in the cemetery. Died at only 1 day old.

Ferona Margaret Hulbert - daughter of my 3rd great-grandfather. I have a picture of you as an infant, and you only lived to the age of 3, probably the only picture taken of you.

Florida Kerr Hulbert - 1st wife of my great-great grandfather. You died shortly after giving birth to my great-grandfather. Thank you for your gift of life into our family.

Robert Allen Hulbert - great uncle - another one I never knew about. You died as a toddler, and when you were buried a stone was never put in place to honor your memory.

Charles Orville Bingle - my great grandfather - the story of the fall to your death was one told often in our family, you left a young wife and 3 small children who missed you greatly.

Nettie Peak - my great-grand aunt, killed at the hands of her husband. Your death was not spoken of, and it's tragic knowing that domestic violence was just as horrific an act 50 years ago, as it still is today.

Sarah Lucretia Comer - my 2nd great grandmother who died shortly after giving birth to my great grandfather. You were loved and greatly missed by your family.

Jessie Parrish - my great uncle who died at only 2 years of age from a tragic railroad accident.

Although all of the ancestors I research are special to my family and their history, these are just a few of the those that have always saddened me with their stories.

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Comment by Unknown Ancestor on July 17, 2009 at 7:38pm
Your sentiments are what make genealogy the hobby and passion most likely to make someone grateful, selfless, compassionate and tolerant.

In terms of documenting and sharing their stories, I assume you are familiar with an array of sources (newspapers, coroner's inquests, court dockets, etc.)


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