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I didn't post anything here for quite a while now. I guess I felt like, if it wasn't helpful, why waste anyone's time? But, I think I need to also remember how important it is to stay in touch with the genealogy community, to give as well as take (or, wait until someone provides something to take, ha ha). To connect is also important. As Red Green says, we're all in this together, etc. Much of what I know about my ancestry was provided by others' research, even if just indirectly, by clues, hints, etc.


So - here's an update since that last blog post (2009?). After being divorced for the 2nd time, I moved from Oregon back to my "home" (as in, spent most of my childhood/a lot of my life in) state of Florida (or, as some of us affectionately refer to it, Floriduh - watch the news for just a week, you can't miss the stories about our weirdos and idiots). Found a wonderful man that I hope to be with for the rest of my life, and (lucky me) he apparently hopes for the same. Have had a fun time researching what I could on his family history, with much appreciation. Have learned to envy someone who knows exactly which small villages on a little island that's part of an ancient European nation/cultural state every one of his immigrant great-grandparents came from, while at the same time being no less proud of the many of my own ancestors who have been in this country so long, I may never find out the same for them. Have learned to appreciate how cool it is for someone to come from a homogeneous ancestry/upbringing, while again, still also being appreciative of my own spread-out-but-still-broadly-similar ancestry/upbringing (and trying to understand how to relate to Sicilian-Americans, and help him understand how to relate to "stiff" Anglo-Teutonic-Americans like me :) ).


Meanwhile - I am working hard to be a good domestic partner, am happy to provide all of the traditionally feminine contributions to the household while he is the provider; am also working hard to graduate with honors this year from an online university (accredited, yet) accounting program, and hoping to put that bachelor's degree to use next year at the latest to bring in income so that I can become debt-free, and contribute more for both of us to enjoy our middle-and-elder years together. We'd like a home upgrade, but we love to travel...and we both would love nicer cars, who doesn't? But, all in good time. The important things in life are relationships and health first, experiences and memories next, then material items when you can afford them without putting stress into your life.


So - I wanted to make sure I let everyone (or, as we say here where I grew up, "y'all") know I am going to try to participate more again, and invite y'all to interact, whether it helps anyone's family research or not - social reasons are good for us all!


Be well, and happy family researching!



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