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Family Tree Connection - Update (31/Jan/2010)

Family Tree Connection

Family Tree Connection has added the following genealogy items to its database:

Navy Pension Fund 1803 Annual Report - Letter from The Secretary of the Navy accompanying a Report of the Commissioners of the Fund for Navy Pensions. 28th December, 1803, Read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Washington Hospital for Foundlings 1903 Report - Report of the President of the Washington Hospital for Foundlings to the Secretary of the Interior, 1903.

Washington Hospital for Foundlings 1897 Report - Report of the President of the Washington Hospital for Foundlings to the Secretary of the Interior, 1897.

Rochester State Industrial School 1897 Report - Forty-Ninth Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the State Industrial School, City of Rochester, N. Y., For the Year 1897. Transmitted to the Legislature March 30, 1898.

Col. Jacob Klock's Regiment 1775-84 - Col. Jacob Klock's Regiment, Second Reg., Tryon County (N. Y.) Militia, 1775-84. Compiled by L. D. MacWethy, St. Johnsville, N. Y., 1933. Explanatory References: 1-Killed at Oriskany, 2-Died in action, 3-Prisoner of war, 4-Missing, 5-Engaged at Oriskany, 6-Wounded.

Colby Academy 1897 Catalogue - Annual Catalogue of The Colby Academy, New London, N. H., Forty-Fourth Year.

Colby Academy 1879 Catalogue - Catalogue of the Officers and Student of Colby Academy, (Formerly New London Literary and Scientific Institution), for the Year 1879-'80. New London, N. H.

Fryeburg Academy 1901-02 Catalogue - Fryeburg Academy, One Hundred and Ninth Year, Annual Catalogue, 1901-1902, Fryeburg, Maine. Incorporated February 9, 1792.

Northwestern Lumber and Sash and Door Traveling Salesmen's Associat... - Extracted from May, 1918, Directory of Retail Lumber Dealers of Wisconsin and Membership List of the Wisconsin Retail Lumbermens Association and Northwestern Lumber and Sash and Door Traveling Salesmen's Association, also List of Retail Lumber Dealers Associations, Manufacturers and Wholesalers Associations and Trade Papers.

New Hampshire Orphans' Home 1914 Anniversary Program - New Hampshire Orphans' Home, Forty-third Anniversary, John Kimball Chapel, June 3, 1914.

Iowa State Dental Society 1892 Report - Transactions of The Iowa State Dental Society, Thirtieth Annual Meeting, Held at Ottumwa, Iowa, May 3d to 6th, 1892.

Brewster Free Academy 1920 - Catalogue of the Brewster Free Academy, Wolfeboro, N. H., Thirty-Third Year, 1919-20.

New York Samaritan Home for the Aged 1882 Report - Fifteenth Annual Report with Constitution and By-Laws of the Samaritan Home for the Aged, No. 414 West Twenty-Second Street, New York, Janaury, 1882.

New York Odd Fellows' Home Association 1895 Report - Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the Odd Fellows' Home Association of The State of New York, Also the Annual Reports for the Year Ending July 25th, 1895. Home Located at Lockport, N. Y. Association Incorporated April 12, 1893. Home Dedicated Sept. 3, 1894.

Wells Natural History and Archaeological Society 1908 Report - Report of the Wells Natural History and Archaeological Society, (Affiliated to the Somerset Archaelogical Society), and of the Mendip Nature Research Committee, 1908.

Sheffield Naturalists' Club 1895 Report - The Sheffield Naturlists' Club, Twenty-Fifth Annual Report, 1895.

Massachusetts Legislators 1925-26 - Brief Outline Sketches of Massachusetts Legislators 1925-26. Brief biographical sketches of the members of the Executive and Legislative Departments of the State government.

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