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December  2014 Chat Schedule

As of December 1, 2014

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Monday, Dec 1, 10:00pm (EST) (Tuesday Dec 2, 2:00am GMT) GENTREK: Busting Brick Walls, part 1. If you were to see the row of binders that contain my family history, you could tell which ones contain my Brick Wall Ancestors. Those binders are pushed way back into the corner accumulating a patina of dust. I used to avoid these ancestors' binders because they were so intimidating.  Your Chat Host, Dae Powell.

Tuesday, December 2, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely

Monday, Dec 8, 10:00pm (EST) (Tuesday Dec 2, 2:00am GMT) GENTREK: Busting Brick Walls, part 2. Have census records at shown that many of your ancestors were farmers? Has that farm remained in the family? My POWELL family farm in Coshocton County, Ohio, is still in the family. These long-term family farms may have been honored as a Century or Bicentennial Farm or Ranch.  Your Chat Host, Dae Powell.

Tuesday, December 9, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Jim Avery

Monday, Dec 15, 10:00pm (EST) (Tuesday, Dec 16, 2:00am GMT) GENTREK:  Case Study #4 – Female Identity.  Researchers are cautioned that no matter how reliable a derivative source generally is, it can contain inaccurate information on a specific point. After surveying the published sources, we should adopt a two-pronged strategy. 1.  Use original materials, combing them for all information they contain and all clues they suggest.  2. Continue the investigation until every possible relevant record has been examined. Your Chat Host, Dae Powell.

Tuesday, December   16, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely

Monday, Dec 22, 10:00pm (EST) (Tuesday Dec 23, 2:00am GMT) GENTREK:  Death & Funeral Records.  After a funeral home has the remains of the deceased and the death certificate, the next record that needs to be obtained is the burial permit. (This permit must be obtained before anything can be done to the deceased). They are obtained through the public Board of Health.  Your Chat Host, Dae Powell.

Tuesday, December  23, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely

Monday, Dec 29, 10:00pm (EST) (Tuesday, Dec 30, 2:00am GMT) GENTREK Case Study #3  -  Cluster Methodology. Perhaps the most common genealogical mistake is over-focusing – a too narrow search. Broadening research to include a cluster of migrating families can lead to convincing evidence of birthplace and parents.  Your Chat Host, Dae Powell.

Tuesday, December  30, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely


Tuesday, November  4, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely



Tuesday, November 11 , 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely




Tuesday, November 18, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely




Tuesday, November 25, 8:00pm (ET). Genealogy Trivia Chat.
Your Chat Host, Rita-Louise Ely

Chat Hosts

Your Hosts Jayne McCormick and Dae Powell
My name is Jayne McCormick. I live in the First State. I've
been working on genealogy for at least 30 years. My family had
put together a lot of information, but none of it was documented.
I'm working on that.

I began to host a Civil War chat about 1995 in the old Golden
Gate Genealogy Forum, and moved on through all the AOL changes. I
joinedDae in GENTREK April 18, 2005.

I taught a beginner's genealogy class at my local Senior Center,and
now we get together once a month to ask questions and
share stories.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Fort Delaware Society where
I am the liason between the Society and the Volunteer Brigade
who goes to Pea Patch Island and keeps the trail to the Heronry
open.They take care of the garden, paint, anything that needs to

This has been a fantastic journey.

This is Dae Powell, designer and operator of I designed ShoeString Genealogy in order
to sharewhat I've learned with you and what I'm still learning. I
designedGENTREK for the same reasons and to learn from the
discussions thefollow the presentations.

I've been researching my family's history since 1972, but for
thefirst 20 years my results were somewhat serendipitous. Once
Istudied what professionals do, which resources are trustworthy,
andhow to properly document my sources, I progressed more rapidly.
Ithas been an odd odyssey.

Having been trained in research and analysis, I find those
skillsparamount in genealogy. I've extensive experience in
English,Portuguese, Hebrew and German. (My Spanish is improving.)
In thecomputer field I learned logic, flowcharting and
proceduralanalysis. While an intelligence analyst, I learned to
look at datafrom as many perspectives as possible. As a banker, I
learnedbusiness acumen and financial strategies. My college
education inhistory only whetted my appetite for the best parts of
genealogy—the motivations, the customs, the stresses and the
stories of ourancestors!

A hearty "thank you" to the many people on AOL, the GenealogyLookup
Forum, the National Genealogical Society, and the goodpeople at
Wholly Genes Software. I've learned so much from you. Anda special
"thank you" to several of my close friends and mentorswho have
supported my genealogical efforts so loyally: JayneMcCormick, my
GENTREK partner, Christine Rose, FASG, *** Eastman,Patricia Law
Hatcher, FASG, Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, and ofcourse, Elizabeth
Shown Mills, FASG. It will be so much fun sharingGENTREK here on Join us for some genealogicaledu-tainment.

Your Host, Jim Avery
I am 60 years old and have been retired from the Department
ofVeterans Affairs ( VA ) for the past four years. While there I
wasa Military Records Specialist. I have a BA in Politics and
PublicAffairs from the University of Miami (Go Canes!) I was born
inHarrisburg PA and since college have lived in Virginia and
Vermontand am now back in PA - York County to be exact. I am a
member ofthe York County Heritage Trust, the Adams County
HistoricalSociety, and the Dover (PA) Historical Society. My areas
ofinterest include genealogy of course, local history,
Gettysburg,Paranormal research and Para-genealogy (where paranormal
andgenealogy meet), and early religious groups in PA. When in
VermontI was a volunteer on Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
( ) I volunteered
tophotograph tombstones. I was a host on the old Golden
GatesGenealogy Forum on AOL. I currently informally co-host a
paranormalchat there. I also co-host a General Genealogy chat and
aParanormal chat on Genealogy Lookup Forum. Other hobbies
includeraising my dog Stormy (shown with me in my
photography),photography, reading, painting and ghost hunting.

Your Host, Erin Bradford

I am a genealogy librarian at the State Library of North Carolina.  I have been doing my own family’s genealogy for about 20 years, 16 seriously.  I also work on other genealogy projects focused on North Carolina genealogy.  I now help other researchers with their genealogy almost exclusively through my job at the State Library and work on my own projects on the weekends. 

I am originally from Montana and the first in my direct family line not born in North Carolina (dad’s home state) since 1770 or Illinois (mom’s home state) since the mid 1800s. 

My genealogical focuses are North Carolina genealogy, identifying and documenting free African Americans in antebellum North Carolina (hence my screen name freeaainnc), and identifying and documenting the many Bradfords who lived in North Carolina in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Your Host, Gus Marsh
I started at McDonnell Douglas in 1968, first as a UNIX and lateras
a Macintosh I/T Specialist/Advisor. In 1993 McDonnell Douglaswas
one week away from bankruptcy, and they got IBM to purchase allof
the computers, desktops, mainframes, and gave McDonnell Douglasa
check for three million dollars with a signed contract to
supportthose computers for 10 years. On one Friday we were all
working forMcDonnell Douglas, and the next Monday we were all
working for IBM.In 1995 Boeing purchased McDonnell Douglas. In
2003, the contractwith IBM expired, and many of us went back to
Boeing. This is aperfect example of our current complicated
business world ofmergers, acquisitions and buyouts. I retired from
Boeing in thesummer of 2008 and pursed my career in genealogy. I
had startedfamily research around 1983, using PAF, then later on
Reunion. I ama life-time member of OCCGS (Orange County California
GenealogicalSociety). I dabbled into genealogy off and on, but
really gotserious when I retired. I have researched in Salt Lake
City,Buffalo, New York and Oslo, Norway. I have published one book
todate, made several family history calendars, created many
familyhistory DVD's and most recently created a family history
series ofposters, both on my maternal and paternal family.

Your Host, Heather Isbell Kramer
As a member of GenealogyWise, Heather Isbell Kramer
enjoysparticipating in groups and meeting new cousins! To
Isbell-Kramer,the greatest thrill of genealogy research is
understanding thestory behind the original records. She is a 2002
graduate ofSouthern Illinois University with a BS in History and a
2009graduate of University of Wisconsin with a MLIS. Past
positionsinclude work with the Daughters of the American
Revolution,Missouri History Museum, and St. Clair County Historical
Society inIllinois. She has presented a range of topics to groups
includingTexas Library Association, Louisiana Archives and
ManuscriptsAssociation, and the Texas Society Sons of the American
Revolution.Currently, she is a librarian at Clayton Library in
Houston, Texas.She lives in Sugar Land, Texas with her husband,
son, their dogBlizzard, and her happy cat Indiana.

Your Host, Carol Leve
I always had questions about my family and started searching
forthem in 1996 online. I became the accidental family
genealogist.It's been a fun journey meeting such great people along
the way. Iwas born in NYC and do most of my research in NY.

My interests are in genealogy, paranormal and photography. I
haveenjoyed shooting re-enactments and historical sites for
mydaughter-in-law who is a re-enactor. But, anything, anywhere can
bemy subject.

I have been married to my wonderful husband of 41 years
whotolerates and supports my eclectic interests. Mom to 3
grownchildren, two sons and a daughter, and Grandma to one sweet

I look forward to meeting all of you.


Sunday, March 4, 4:00pm (EST). Nostalgia-British Invasion, Part 2-The Rolling Stones. Your Chat Host, Jim Avery






Thursday, March  8, 9:00pm (EST) – North Carolina Chat
War of 1812 in North Carolina. 2012 marks the beginning of the bicentennial of the
War of 1812. Learn about how North Carolinians were affected by the war and the
soldiers who fought. Your Chat Host, Erin Bradford










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