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Because GenealogyWise is a social network that encourages member participation we do have occasional problems with people who join GenealogyWise for the sole purpose to spam members.

Please know that as soon as we see this activity we terminate the membership of the spammer immediately. Keeping spammers of off GenealogyWise is important to me and I take it very seriously.

Because of the recent use of the Blog posts as a means to spam the membership we are going to start, as of today, putting a delay on blog posts so that they must be approved by us before they are posted.  This will allow us to delete spamming blog posts before the can be posted to the homepage.

For those who use the blog feature on GenealogyWise the only change you will notice is that you will not see your posting appear instantly after you push the "Publish Post" button.  There will be a delay until we get the message about the post and can approve it. 

I'm sorry for any inconvenience to our regular genealogy bloggers who provide great information to our community. We are hoping that this will help curtail the incidences of spamming on the site.

Thank you for your help with this.  If you have questions you are more than welcome to email me at or message me on my GenealogyWise page.

Gena Philibert Ortega, Community Manager

Last updated by Gena Philibert Ortega Apr 8, 2010.




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