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I believe I descend through Nicholas Hale-Immigrant to York Co Va. and Ann Long. He is said to be the child of Nicholas & Ruth Acres son of Amon & Mary Carter.

I need more on the children-but they are said to be:
Nicholas 1656

My branch came through Nicholas 1656 and Frances Briad Garrett
son John birn 1706 Baltimore Md-1780 Patrick Co Va & Susannah Wade
his son Joseph 1746 Franklin Co Va-1803 Patrick & Rachel Donaldson

From here it is too sketchy for proof-but branches in Ga. Ms, Gerry Hill-in Albany Ga
(My line is James Hale & Nancy Chappell in Twiggs & Crawford Co Ga dtr Elizabeth married Littleberry L Causey to Webster Co Ga)

George 1698

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This is the same info that I have although you lost me after Joseph and Rachael Donnelson or Donaldson.I also descend through Nicholas and Frances by way of their son George and his wife Elizabeth Chaffinch or Chawfinch.They had a son Meshach who married I believe a Mary Hunt and had a son John in about 1797 in Washington or Greene County Tennessee.John married Jane Kimery or Cimery.I descend from their son Killas Hale.My family has had dna test done and I am wondering if anyone in this group has also had these test done.
Hi Michelle,

I have had the DNA test and I match up with your Dolphus Beecher Hale within 2 of 67 markers. I still don't know what this means as to where my line fits in this group under George Hale 1714 - 1791.
I did see that you matched my Hale dna very close.I need to go back and look and see exactly where we connect,I work on this so much that I lose myself half the time.



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