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Please leave your posts here if you search in or have any information in the parishes:

Bjurum (Hånger, Mårby), Bolum, Borgunda, Brismene, Broddetorp, Brunnhem, Börstig
Dala, Falköping, Fivlered, Floby, Friggeråker, Grolanda, Gudhem, Gökhem, Göteve, Hornborga, Håkantorp, Hällestad, Högstena, Jäla, Karleby, Kinneved, Kälvene, Luttra, Marka, Mularp, Norra Åsarp, Näs, Segerstad, Skörstorp, Slöta, Smula, Solberga, Stenstorp, Sätuna, Södra Kyrketorp, Sörby, Tiarp, Torbjörntorp, Trävattna, Ugglum, Ullene, Valtorp, Vartofta-Åsaka, Vilske-Kleva, Vistorp, Vårkumla, Yllestad, Åsle, Östra Tunhem.

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My great-great-grandfather Charles John Dahlquist was born in Kinneved on 13 June 1862. He immigrated to the U.S. around 1880-1882 and lived in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were Johannes Christiansson (born 1 April 1829 in Kinneved) and Maria Christina Jonsdotter (born 1 February 1834 in Kinneved).
Hi Beth,
You seem to be quite well-informed! What are you really interested in? Do you want to build a complete ancestral tree, or are there any details you want to research?
According to the database "Emihamn" (now available on your ancestor emigrated as C J Dahlqvist (sic!), 20 years old from Kinneved via Gothenburg (Göteborg, the by far largest port of emigration in Sweden) on September 23, 1881 with destination New York. He did not travel together with anyone else, and the source code given is 18:434:1.
This was a small start! Please let me know about what you want to know more. I have ancestors in most parishes in that area, and have quite a large database with information about people there.
Regards PeO
Thank you so much! I want to build an ancestral tree but also want to find out as much as possible about my ancestors' lives, and about other members of their family. I used to have a subscription to Genline; I don't at the moment but may need to renew it. I do have a subscription to but hadn't found that particular record; thank you for letting me know about it! I don't know much about Charles John Dahlquist before he immigrated; most of the information I have is about the time after he immigrated.
I also know that Charles John Dahlquist had at least two siblings: his brother Alfrid was born 30 July 1859 in Kinneved and his brother Frans August was born 1 Nov 1864 in Kinneved. I don't know anything else about them.
The younger brother Frans August also emigrated. He emigrated the year later then Charles John, in 1882.
Thank you very much for the information! Do you know where he went? Was his immigration record in that database too? What last name was he using (Dahlquist, Johansson, or something else)?
He had bought a ticket to Chicago, IL. If he changed the name to Dahlquist as his brother I don't know but it's likely that it was so.

The info about where he travelled I have from the CD Emigranten Populär. The CD is searchable at
I'm very intresseted in emigrants from the Falköping area in Sweden. The area goes under the name Falbygden and have 52 parishes. The town Falköping is the highest point of the railway between Göteborg - Stockholm. From the area almost 10 000 persons emigrated.

I work on a database with those and their families in the old and new country. So far the base has 31 000 individuals.

So if any of you have information or looking for persons who were born in this area, I'm intressted. This summer I helped two groups from US, who have been here on a visit to find out more about where their ancestors lived and relatives here in Sweden.

Please look at my website to find out more about my work.

/Annelie J
We would like to find out how my grandfather died but don't know where to look. His name was Karl August Klang, born June 6, 1863 in Marka. He was a soldier stationed in Åsle and died Feb 17, 1895, age 31. The parish records only record his death. After his death, my grandmother, Alma Sofia Johansdötter, born 31 July 1861, in Gökhem immigrated to Douglas County, Minnesota close to her inlaws. Can someone tell us where to find death records?
Thank you.
Phil Halverson
To find out is to go to the churchbook Deathbook for the parish. That's what I have done at the site of which I have subcribtion of.

What I can see, he died of Struplungsot.

Thanks Annelie

I think this translates to Throat-Lung Disease
Hi Phil!

Lungsot is actually Tuberculosis.

So he contracted TB in his throat.






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