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I have the book "Shoemaker Pioneers" written by Benjamin Shoemaker, III. More than willing to do look-ups.

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Does your book have anything on John C Shoemaker b abt 1842 in OH to John Shoemaker and Kitty Polly Russum. I have he died 20 March 1917 in Wood, Texas? He married Rosa Johnston on 24 Oct 1861 in Columbiana Co., OH. She was the daughter of William Johnston and Elizabeth R. Johnston. All I can fin on him is what was in my sister's notes with the notation he served in the Civil War and was called to Washington for 100 days duty in June, 1864.

They had three children: William A Shoemaker b 1 Dec 1862 in Columbiana County, OH and d 18 Aug 1937, Ida May Shoemaker (my great grandmother) b 25 July 1865 in Columbiana County, OH and d 5 Jan 1917 in Huron County, OH and Lizzie (or Lydia) Shoemaker b 16 Aug 1868 and d 20 Mar 1887,

Thank you
Sorry, I do not find any of these individuals mentioned in the book. Good luck with your research!
Sorry I do not find mention of them in the book.  Good luck with your research.
Could you check this link and tell me if I have the correct children listed for Rudolph (especially in regards to son Jacob), and also let me know if I have the correct father info for Rudolph? I think I messed up in this area, but not sure.
If I may ask, where/how did you get your copy of the Shoemaker Pioneers? It is on my wishlist!
Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer!
Sorry, I could not find a Rudolph Shumaker in the book, that matched the individual in your link. A cousin of mine gave me her copy of the "Shoemaker Pioneers" book.

Good luck with your research.

Hello Kathryn,

I am looking for a Alice Ann Shoemaker born abt 1833 Ohio. Her parents may have been from Pa.



You offered ( a couple of years ago) to look-up Shoemaker names in the Benjamin Shoemaker book on Shoemaker Pioneers.  Hoping your offer is still good!!

having trouble finding info on John B. Shoemaker b:25 Dec 1808, Hiland(highland?), OH, d:21 Jul 1883(?).  Married Sarah Malone b:30 may 1834, d:17 may 1864. One child Granville Shoemaker b:14 jan 1863 in Dodsonville, OH.

Have not found out why Sarah died, where he went after that (Granville was raised by his mother family), or who his father/mother were.

any help would be appreciated


Ed Shoemaker


Sorry I didn't find this family in the book.  Good luck with your research.

Hi Betty, I'm interested in learning more about the family of Philip Shoemaker/Shumacher who appears in the mid 1700s in Lancaster County, his son Anthony b. 1747 in PA, and his daughter Mary (from whom I am descended). I have read that they appear in this book, but do not know what info the book has on them.



I found a whole section of the book on Philip Shoemaker of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.  If you send me your snail mail address I will copy the pages and send them to you.


Kathryn, I have desperately been looking to obtain the book, "Shoemaker Pioneers" which is the focus of this discussion without sucesss and wondered if you would be so kind as to look-up, (and if possible) photo copy and send to me as much information the book contains on the following shoemakers?:




Wilburn (Will) Shoemaker

B: May 22, 1888 in Mays OH

D: Jan. 10, 1937 in Olive Hill, Carter Co. KY


Great Grandfather

Abraham Nelson Shoemaker

B: 1853 Gallia, OH

D: 1900 in Gallia, OH

M: Feb. 9, 1874 Gallia, OH


2nd Great Grandfather

Abraham Shoemaker

B: 1821 Ohio

D: Oct. 14, 1889 Gallia, OH.

M: Aug. 10, 1848 Gallia, OH


3rd Great Grandfather

George Shoemaker

B: 1775 Lancaster, PA

D: May 10, 1863 Gallia, OH

M: Nov. 20, 1807 Fayette City, PA


4th Great Grandfather

Jacob Shoemaker (III)

B: July 27, 1754 Skippack, PA

D: Nov 19, 1847 Kitchner, Ontario, Canada

M: 1774 in Pennsylvania


5th Great Grandfather

Jacob Shoemaker (II)

B: Mar. 31, 1708 Reihnland-Pflaz, Germany

D: June 28, 1793 Philadelphia, PA

M: May 7, 1741


6th Great Grandfather

Jacob Shoemaker (I)

B: 1676 Canton, Bern, Switzerland

D: 1751 Lower Salfdord, PA

M: 1700


7th Great Grandfather

Peter Phillip Schumacher

B: Oct. 22, 1622 Kriesheim, Pflaz, Palatinate, Germany

D: April 1, 1707 Germantown, PA

M: 1640 Germany


8th Great Grandfather

Arret Arnold Schumacher

B: 1594 Kriegsheim, Alzey-Worms, Reihnland-Pflaz, Germany

D: 1685 Kriegsheim, Alzey-Worms, Reihnland-Pflaz, Germany

M: ?


I have found a little information in the book "Maintianing the Right Fellowship" by John Ruth but I wish to know more regarding my ancestors. Thank you very much. -- Kris




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