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GREETINGS Second Life genealogists and family history enthusiasts! Hope you've all resolved to find all those hiding ancestors this year, and attend as many genealogy events as you can here in SL! Here are the events of interest to genealogists in Second Life for the week of Jan 3-10, as well as some other information we hope will be helpful in your research, including blog, twitter follow, and website of the week!

"This packrat has learned that what the next generation will value most is not what we owned, but the evidence of who we were and the tales of how we loved. In the end, it's the family stories that are worth the storage."
-Ellen Goodman, The Boston Globe

ALL are invited to attend this week's scheduled genealogy events. Bring your friends who are thinking about getting into family history. There will be help for one and all.

SUNDAY January 3
5:15pm SLT - Backing Up Is Hard To Do... Not! @ Family History Centre. Hosted by Clarise Beaumont

MONDAY January 4
5:15pm SLT – Genealogy Office Hours @ Live Roots schoolhouse. Host - Barbara Collazo

TUESDAY January 5
6pm SLT - US Military Records, part 1 @ Just Genealogy Fire Pit. Hosted by Clarise Beaumont

FRIDAY, January 8
6-8pm SLT - 1st Annual Genealogy Ball @ Afterchills Adventure Club. Hosted by Kilandra Yeauxdoux
A formal ball with music, dancing & alot of fun away from the computer researching for a little bit. For those missing out due to timezones - don't worry - the ballroom platform area will be open for the whole weekend. Anyone wishing to popover may do so.

SATURDAY, January 9
10pm SLT - Aussie Ancestry @ Just Genealogy Fire Pit. Hosted by Angelica Herrington

SUNDAY, January 10
12m SLT - Swedish Roots @ Just Genealogy Fire Pit. AnnaKArin Landau

And of course everyone is always welcome to the informal Chillouts every evening, 7pm at the Gazebo in Live Roots, hosted by Constantine Kyomoon

Be sure to check out “first time users” section for more about this site with ideas and links for researching ancestors who lived in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Leslie Ann Ballou describes her blog this way , "I post lost family treasures in the hopes that I can somehow connect them with the proper family members."

genealogynews - Twitterer Kevin Berdan says "Genealogy is fun, rewarding, and requires lots of diligence."

If you would like to have your event or information included in an upcoming notice, please contact Genie Weezles.

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