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My fathers name was Jack Lee Brown his mother's name at the time of her death was
Elizabeth Betty Reed. His sister's name was Betty Louise Hall and@ the time of her death she lived in
Lauerlville Ohio down by circleville. My grandmother's husband was not my dad's father. I would also like to find out my grandmother's maiden name. Thank You for any help you can give me.
Earl David Brown.

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Hi Earl-
Do you happen to know when Elizabeth was born and died? and where she died?
FamilySearchLabs has posted death certificates between 1909-1953 and you may be able to find info there.
If you have some more info that you can provide, I can take a look and see if I can find anything.
Ms Meghan,
My grandmother Elizabeth Betty Reed Was born in 1918 And she passed away in 1975.
But Reed Was her married name , I do not know what her maiden name was . My father's last name was Brown & my aunt's last name was Reed.

Thank you for any and all help Ms Meghan

Earl Brown
Okay I found your grandmother's Ohio Death Certificate summary (she died after 1953 when the certificate was available but before the 1990s when they started listing parents names on the summary). My guess is thought that your father and aunt may have been the informant and may not have known this info.
I also found the social security index info - I have not tried this and I am not sure how pricey it may be - but you may want to request her application. She would have completed the information and probably would have known her maiden name and parents details. Just a thought. Do you know where she grew up?
Regarding your aunt, when was she born and when/where did she pass away? I will try to see if there may be any info on her.
I can forward any of this info to you if you would like. I have an subscription so I can check some other things given more details.
Ms Meghan,
My aunts names was Betty Louise Hall and she was born Aug 31,1936 / died Mar 1,2003.
One of my dads Uncle's last name was Woodrum Joseph , and far as i can guess they were all form
around Ross , scioto , muskingdum counties area, Circleville, South end of Columbus,Laurielville ,
Washington Court House , Lancaster. Like I said my dad's side I know very little about.
Thank You Ms Meghan
Ms Meghan.
Don't know if you got my last 2 reply's , But my Grand Mother's name was when passed was Elizabeth Betty Reed (Woodrum) she was born 1918 died 1975 where born i have no clue.
My aunt 's name was at time of her death was Betty Louise Hall she was born i think 1936 or 37, she died in March 2003.I really apprecate your help I keep running head on into a brick wall.
Thank You Very Much
Earl Brown





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