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I've attached an image of the record for Charles Wilson Metcalfe's baptism on 23 October 1829 in Christ Church, St. Marylebone (right page, top row.)

I can make out the first 4 columns:  Oct 23; Charles Wilson; John & Emma; Metcalfe.  However, I'm having a hard time with the 5th and 6th columns.  The 5th is the family's abode, and seems to be,  "12 ____ford Place."  The 6th appears to be the father's occupation, "Collector of _________ Taxes."  The last column is Charles's birth date, 29 Sept.

Any help you can offer figuring out the blanks (or correcting me on the items I think I've read correctly) will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi Kathleen

The address is 12 Nutford Place - the street is still there and you can "walk" it via Google Street View, though most of the buildings there are more recent than your era of interest. The occupation is Collector of Assessed Taxes. This would be a Parish appointment.

Hope this helps

Kathleen & Caroline -

Here's another example of a Collector of Assessed Taxes:
Thank you, too, Wendy. It was an interesting link. Would Collector of Assessed Taxes be a full time job?
Thank you once again, Caroline! I was going cross-eyed trying to read that :)
Hi Kathleen,
I believe it could be Nutford Place which is in W1.
Thanks Carolyn! It's always good to get confirmation.





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