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I have a brick wall I have been butting my head against for several years now. My GGG grandfather was James Knight (possibly b Cambridgeshire 1785) who married Elizabeth LeFevre (b 2 Jan 1866 Wigtoft). they lived and raised their children in Long Sutton. Their first child, William, was christened 18 Aug 1811 St Nicholas, Long Sutton but the only name on the christening record is Elizabeth Knight. I found out about James only through William's marriage certificate which named James Knight as his father. the rest of their children (Susannah, Patient, James, Charles, Charles, Robert, Thomas, and Jane have both James and Elizabeth Knight listed as the parents. In the 1841 census, William and Elizabeth Knight are listed as next door to Robert and Elizabeth Knight. Both William and Robert are listed as not born in Lincolnshire. In the 1851 census, Robert is listed as born in Cambridgeshire; James died in 1844 so the trail ends there. I have been unable to find James or Robert prior to 1841. Any hints would be welcome!!!!

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Judith, I see that the marriage took place in 1811 at Lutton (another name for Sutton St Nicholas). Long Sutton, by the way, is Sutton St Mary, a different parish. Have you had the BTs checked to see if James appears as the father on the baptism entry there? Sometimes the BTs differ from the parish registers. Or perhaps you have seen the BTs and need to have the parish register checked?
The reason I listed Long Sutton is that this is what appears as the birthplace for all the children on the census reports, but all the children were baptized at St. Nicholas. I have not checked the BTs and that should be my next step. Is there a way to do that online? I don't mind using a pay-per-view site, but it's a long trip from York, SC,USA to Lutton,Lincs, Eng.
Do you have a LDS library nearby? They should be able to give you access to the BTs. Alternatively, the IGI for Lincolnshire is mainly done from BTs and if the baptism is on the IGI that will give you an indication of what the BT says. If the baptism is not on the IGI this will indicate that the BT is in fact missing.

The Lincolnshire FHS Baptism & Burial Index 1754-1812 East Elloe Deanery has William son of James and Elizabeth Knight baptised Lutton 18 August 1811. There is an indication that there is more information in the register than there is on the index. I don't know what that extra information is and don't have access to it here at home. All the entries in our indexes are taken from the parish registers and checked with the BTs.
I should amend that and say that where both sources exist, both are checked!
I have to get out a map to find out where the closest LDS Library is....I'm relatively new to SC, but there is none in the surrounding area so I'll just have to plan a day trip or perhaps overnight so i can really figure this out. Thank you for your suggestions and input. It has renewed by drive to get this solved!
Hello again, Judith

I usually spend three days a week at Lincolnshire Archives but as I had meetings on Wednesday and Thursday today was my first day in this week. I looked up your baptism in the Lutton parish register:

18 August 1811 William son of James and Elizabeth Knight labourer

The "extra information" will be the occupation - labourer. You can easily get a copy of this page from Lincolnshire Archives. I have put a link to LA on the Lincolnshire Group page and if you email them they will arrange to send you a copy. It will be much cheaper than an overnight stay somewhere to visit your nearest LDS Library! Tell them the name of the parish, event (baptism) and the date plus the name you are looking for. It only took me 5 minutes to look it up.
This is great news...thank you very much. Now, do you have any suggestions on how I find out about James Knight prior to this? As I said in my original entry, I don't truly know where he was born...just out of Lincolnshire. I haven't been able to find him anywhere.
Morning Judith, I'm up very early as for the next two days I shall be behind a bookstall at a local village agricultural show! This morning we have to set up.

I did look to see whether there was a marriage bond for James and Elizabeth but there isn't one - and of course they may not have married by licence. Have you seen the marriage entry? This may state where James came from, but that will not necessarily be where he was born! As you have the date you could ask for a copy of this too.

I see he was 58 when he died, but there are no IGI entries for a James Knight born around 1786. If he was born in Cambridgeshire that is not too surprising as the IGI for that county and for Northamptonshire is very much incomplete. If you think he was born in Cambridgeshire why not see whether the Cambridgeshire Family History Society have any publications that will help you. I know that they have done quite a bit of work indexing parish registers.

There is no will listed for James died 1844 in the Lincolnshire wills indexes.

There is an inquest held at Lutton on a James Knight the younger aged 20 who was accidentally shot by Richard Knight! A Richard Knight, cousin of James, was a witness. The Lincolnshire Archives reference is COR/SPAL/1837/903. Only brief details are on the CD but the papers at the Archives will have witness statements etc.

I've just about run out of things to look up at home now. I should start by getting a copy of the marriage entry just in case it gives any useful information.



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