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Greetings from Queensland, Australia.

I hope someone can help me.

I exported my family tree from and imported it into a new legacy file so I could check there were no problems before I imported it into my working fdb of 14000+ individuals.

I have a 35 page error report that I am having trouble translating. My hope is that someone out there can help me understand what it means.

My first example:

Main Record: 0 @R-2140948796@ REPO

Sub Section: 1 RFN online database

* Unrecog. Line for Record: 1 RFN online database

Placed in Note : RFN: RFN online database

Can anyone help? I have 2607 individuals in this tree. How can I work out to which person this record relates? 

Another example:

Main Record: 0 @R-2140948796@ REPO

Sub Section: 1 CALN 0596965 (RG4 4209)

* Unrecog. Line for Record: 1 CALN 0596965 (RG4 4209)

Placed in Note : CALN: CALN 0596965 (RG4 4209)

And another example:

Main Record: 0 @R-2141006709@ REPO

Sub Section: 1 RFN


* Unrecog. Line for Record: 1 RFN


Placed in Note : RFN: RFN


I haven't been able to find anything online that would help me. I couldn't find anything in the Legacy manual either. Maybe Geoff could do a webinar on the subject.

I have previously imported files into legacy and had no trouble understanding and fixing the problems.

This report has me beaten.

Thank you in anticipation.

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If anyone is interested, I have solved my problem. I deleted that fdb and imported it again. This time I did NOT renumber. I kept the original RINs. My error report was only one and a half pages this time. I then switched to index view, customised the columns, put 'General Notes' after the name column and scrolled down to see who had problems. My fdb is now cleaned and organised and I can import it into my main fdb.



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