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I am looking for connections to my gr, gr, grandparents Richard Brennan and Ellen Wheylan. They were married on June 1st 1858 in Allumette Island, Quebec, Canada,
Richard Brennan states in all other records that he is from Ireland, but I have not been able to find out where, he was born about 1832/33 his parents are William Brennan and Mary, or Marg. Cavanagh.
Ellen Wheylan's parents were also born in Ireland, but not sure where, they are John Wheylan, and MaryAnn Quinn
If anyone has a connection or info I would love to here about it

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I have Brennan from Ontario area in the mid 1850's.

Patrick Brennan born abt. 1803 Ireland died before 1870 possibly in Bytown (Ontario)

I have seen a Patrick Brennan a lot in the records I searched, I just would like to see who he is related to, I have no idea about brothers and sisters, I am only able to follow Richard after his wedding in 1858 with his children and what not, they did move to Pembroke Ontario, where I find them in the 1871 census

He was the father of Thomas Brennan. Thomas would be my x2 grandfather. He came to Pittsburgh in the late 1880's.

Married a Jane Kelly and had Evelyn Brennan who in turn married Henry A. Wipfler (born in Mass. 1873 died in Pitts. 1899).

They had a daughter named named Evalyn Wipfler who married my grandfather Lester Mooney.

I have quite a few records on the Brennans in Canada. There seems to be a slight discrepancy in the Brennan name in Canada and who Thomas wife was. since I can't read french some I have are in french and very hard to read because of condition etc.

Oh yeah, all my line has stayed in Canada, do you have ancestry? If not I can search your line and see if I see anything

Awhile back I shared info on my Brennan line. I have come to find out what I had was wrong.

Thomas Brennan's parents were Mathew Brennan and Ann Quinn. Both born in Ireland.

They lived in Toronto Canada.



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