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If you are researching or interested in Cass Co., IN genealogically, please post your queries, family information, any resources you'd like to share and anything else that you feel is applicable to Cass Co. here. If you would prefer that your post be viewed by the whole group, post it to the Comment Wall and not here (please don't double post to both places), just keep in mind that posts in the Comment Wall will quickly be buried by new posts...

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My grandfather Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Reed was born in Logansport, Cass County, Indiana. He attended Logansport High School. I have tried to find out if there was a yearbook in the early 20th century which might have a photo of him in it. I think he graduated in 1907. My grandmother Ruth Nave lived in Logansport at that time, too, and I think she also went to Logansport High School. I do not have a photo of either one of them, and would dearly love to find out if I can get a copy from a LHS yearbook.
Hi! My gg grandma Flora Ellen Grable was born in Cass Co, IN 5 April, 1860 to Abraham B Grable and Isabella Perry Grable both of Washington County, PA. Flora married Ira Genung Krider (born 1858 in PA) and moved to Newton, Harvey, Kansas, where she raised a family and died 9 April, 1919. Does anyone have any photos of this family? If so, I'd really love to get copies! Thanks!
My ggg grandpa Isaiah Wise Krider moved to Cass Co., Indiana with his wife Martha Tresa Genung Krider and son Ira Genung Krider before the 1870 Census. They first moved to Liberty, Fulton, IN from Ohio, and were there for the 1860 Census. The family lived in Bethlehem, Cass Co. until after 1900, when the folks moved to Logansport. Martha Tresa Genung's dad was Ira Genung born 1790 in Genungtown, NJ and Hannah Jeffers Sturges born 20 Sept. 1803 in NJ. I don't know much about Hannah. If anyone knows more about this lady, like who her parents were, please let me know. Hannah, date of death is 6 Jan, 1875 in Cass Co.
Hello everyone!
My g-g-grandfather passed away in 1915 while a patient at Logansport State Hospital (or Long Cliff). This summer I will be taking a genealogy trip to Indiana to track down some branches from that area. While I'm there, I'd like to stop by the hospital. Does anyone know if Logansport State Hospital offers tours? Or does anyone have any suggestions for tracking down my ancestor's records? I'd like to find out when he was institutionalized and what his diagnosis was, and I have heard that records are available to the public after 75 years. Thank you! I would appreciate any information or advice you can offer.

My great-grandmother's half-brother was a patient at the hospital as well. I did write to the hospital and they did send me copies of his medical records. So, I highly recommend contacting them.

Best of luck!

I am researching the family of Michael and Ellen Cunningham, of Logansport. Michael had 2 sons from a previous marriage (Patrick and Daniel) and had 7 children with Ellen. Their eldest daughter, Annie, is my great-grandmother. The time frame is 1860 to 1910.  Still looking for where/when Michael and Daniel lived/died sometime after 1900.



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