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My Dad (Lewis D. Haines, II) is a direct descendant of James Haines of Salem, MA and Southold, LI born about 1613 and died 1652 in Southold, L.I.

At the 67 marker on Y DNA he was matching a lot of Haines from New England/NJ. Then I took it back further and he was a U106 (Germanic/Anglo Saxon roots) compared to the P312 (Celtic).

So, even if the New England Haines/Haynes are positive that they hail from England. Further back, past the 67 marker they might find Germanic/Anglo Saxon roots like I did.

Heidi Haines Handley

P.s. I am on Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA and Gedmatch (A46850, A012273.)

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What you say makes sense. "England" was invaded by the Anglo-Saxons from Denmark (Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians are all Germanic Tribes) so that's where the name England comes from. The Danemark was most of the eastern part of England as I understand it. The Celts got moved more and more to the west. An interesting book to read on this as shown by DNA in British people is by Brian Sykes. The Y-DNA of many of the English people might be Anglo-Saxon, but the mtDNA is in large part Celtic.

Accept mine, which is V. (Finnish) and my last known maternal female ancestor had the last name of Abbott and was from N.C. early 1700's. So, I am thinking I descend from a bunch of invaders. My largest portion of my DNA is Irish and my maternal aunt is 43 percent and my son 46, while my Mom and brother are high 30's. I'd highly recommend everyone joining in the DNA party! I have really made great gains especially on my female brick walls.

OK, I see, except yours. Is the V haplogroups your mtDNA? Interesting that it's Finnish. Do you have Saami ancestry? (I do) I have  a lot of British Isles DNA as well: Scots, Irish and Cornish as far as I can tell. My mtDNA is haplogroup H11a. DNA research is really interesting but I don't understand it all.

Yes to Saami. Ditto on all the rest...southern lines for maternal, early VA and Jamestown.

Gedmatch is a wonderful tool and this makes genealogy so much more interesting.

Latest on the Y DNA Haines/Hinds/Haynes/Hines, my Dad (James Haines, circa 1637 Salem, Ma) tested and is confirmed U198. Going to test for S16906 which I am sure he will test positive and another cousin tested positive for this and he is matching my father past the 67 marker.

So our branch of Haines/Hinds/Haynes is Anglo Saxon and not Celtic at all.

Heidi Haines Handley

FTDNA Y DNA sample number 353185.





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