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We have a few members but so far, no one has taken plunge to tell us about their family. Let's get this going.
My Daddy was Albert Chester Hagans, born 1906. His dad was Robert Albert Hagans, sometimes written Albert Robert Hagans, born 1875. His Dad was William Carter Hagans, born 1846 in Alabama. His Dad was Edward Hagans of Ga. We have Edwards all over the place.

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My father was Cornelius F. Hagan born 1929, died 2001. He was the son of Charles Forest Hagan, born 1890, died 1968. Charles was the son of William F. Hagan, born 1850 died 1929. William F. was the son of John Hagan, born 1822, died 1888.
John, born 1822 immigrated as a child from Ireland (thru Canada) to New York State (St. Lawrence County), his father was John b. 1773, and he has a sister Mary Ann, 1818-1888 married Wm Fitzgerald, Jr, and another brother named Henry, born abt 1819. They all traded land with Horace Allen in about 1845, and moved to Allen County Indiana. These Hagan's married into the McCormick, Rapp, Felger, Ladig, Fitzgerald, Klinger, Zehender, Sweet, Richardson families, some originating in Weurtemmburg Germany, County Meath Ireland, Southern Indiana, and Ohio.
I have been doing research for about 3 years, with one year off due to an illness. Just now getting back into. Located a distant cousin recently, who has traced my Hagan (O'Hagan) family back to Ireland, and he visited there. We are meeting soon, and am so excited to meet him, and garner more information.
My Grandfather was Elmer Clyde Hagan (1909-1976) of Webster Co. then Dallas Co., MO.
His father was William Marion Hagan (1880-1967) of Webster Co., MO.
His father was Thomas Marion Hagan (1850-1941) of Webster Co., MO.
His father was David Hagan (1804-1861) of KY then Webster Co., MO.

An old family story tells that David Hagan was killed by bushwhackers during the civil war. I have land records which indicate he received a land patent from the federal government just three years after Webster County was formed.
My mother and her brother are Hagan born in 1945 and 1941 respectively. Their father is Peter Hagan. His siblings are Thomas, John, Cathleen, and Mary. Their father is Thomas Hagan. Thomas' siblings are Francis, John and Joseph. (John and Joseph are twins). Their father is John. John married a Catherine Rogers who was widowed by the age of 40. As far as I know, my Hagan branch came from Ireland to NYC. Peter is the oldest sibling, born in 1894 and died in 1957. His mother was a McGuire. By 1900, Sarah McGuire Hagan had given birth to seven children and five were still living. I'm not sure who the other two were or what happened to them.

I don't know exactly when my relatives came to America as some records show them being born in Ireland and other records show the same people being born in NY. The census records in NY are far from accurate and the one I REALLY need is 1890 and there wasn't a national census that year.

This is old topic so nobody listening probably. I am William Frank Hagans Jr, Aline Hagans was my grandmother, grew up in and around Satsuma. Been so long don't think their is anyone left to remember me.





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