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Hi all, 

This is amazing, I never realized how many different Fosters there are... the one I descend from (thru my maternal great grandfather) lived in Virginia. According to my grandfather our Foster line from over England early on, I've been told ca Mayflower.

I've found a lot of information on these Fosters on, but am trying to find out more... stories, photos, family, etc. My grandfather (Allen Thurman Foster Jr) was an only child and his father (Allen Thurman Foster Sr) was one of four children his brother James William Foster Jr had 3 boys (no grandchildren), and his sisters Leslie Combs Foster (never married) and Margaret Foster (two sons, no grandchildren)... so as you can see the line is fairly thin. But when you go back to Allen Sr's father James William Foster Sr and further back there are countless family members.

If anyone has any information on the Foster line thru Virginia, I would be more than happy to speak with you, share photos and information, etc. Happy Hunting!

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Can you take it back a bit and give some dates?  I am trying to find an unknown Mr. Foster born in Virginia who moved to Muskingum/Morgan, Ohio, around 1800 to 1809 with his wife, Sarah, surname unknown.  They were the parents of Andrew J. Foster, John Samuel Foster, and Samuel Foster.  We know there was one more son, but we don't know his name.  This Mr. Foster dies around 1819 at which point Sarah remarries and has another son by a Mr. Clark. 


These are my brick walls.  The thing is that your Fosters are from England.....and that is what I am looking for.....a Foster line that goes back to England who is from Virginia in the US. 

Hi Gloria,

I have checked my tree and I can't find any Andrew Fosters or Samuel Fosters, but I will be sure to let you know if I do. Also I did a search on and there is a Sarah UNKNOWN Foster Clark, mother of Andrew Foster, in someone's tree - SN: thecrystalbunny, is that you? if not you may want to look into that... it lists Sarah as having been born in Virginia, but having died in Iowa, not Ohio. Also it lists her only child as Andrew, no mention of John or Samuel. But it does list Andrew, his wife, and their many children.

Hope this helps, and I will be sure to let you know if my research leads me to any Andrews or Samuels.

I have seen that on It is the right Sarah and Andrew, her son.  It is probably just not complete.  In the first census after Sarah's husband has died she is listed with 5 sons in her home.  Andrew was not an only child. 


Sadly Andrew and his wife, Eliza, and baby son died in a small pox epidemic in Iowa. 


I was hoping there was perhaps a male Foster in your lines who disappears at some point in that time frame from Virginia. 


It took some nudging from me to finally establish Samuel, Andrew's brother, as a separate person.  A cousin found the information in John Samuel's will.  Wish we could find their father's name.  <sigh> 


Thanks.  If you do turn anything up, please let me know. 

My mother in law is a Foster. She traces her family through James Foster in VA through Michael, william, WH and Ora B.





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