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Is there a way of determine which individuals are included in one tree but not the other? I believe the problem arises when I've elected to delete an individual (usually an ancestor of a relative by marriage). Running a "Relationship" report in FTM will catch those with "no direct relationship" but not those where there is a connection.

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The easy part is look in the People Workspace, Tree View and there is a number at the Top of the Left Column.



I just checked my Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) and I have the EXACT same number from the People Workspace and the Manage Tree, Tree Over View, Tree Summary


I have one more individual in AMT (657) than in FTM (656)

And the sync status is 'in sync'

Do you use AKA's a lot?


They should be the same number.


What it is complete, click on the Link in FTM2014 to view your AMT and check the numbers again.


I agree...they should be the same number. But they're not. I've resync'd, tried making a single change in FTM and sync, tried making a single change in AMT and sync. Always come up with one individual difference.

I'll check AMT to see if there's a duplicate person.

You might want to look for duplicate people in FTM2014. There is a feature in the Plan Workspace, Edit Menu, Find Duplicate people. If you do, then you can Merge the duplicate people from the Plan Workspace, People Menu, Merge Two Specific People.


Thanks. I'm aware of that feature and have used it. I appreciate your suggestions.

I found a duplicate in my AMT and now the count is correct.

FYI, it appears to me that I need to manually delete an individual from FTM and AMT separately, i.e. the deletion is not part of the sync functionality.

Again, thanks for your help. You're a great resource!

Can't reply to your last post.

You should only have to remove them in one place or the other.

Watch the Sync Log the next time to see if that is right.


OK, I'll do that.



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