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We have a family reunion coming up, about 30 people - I would like to have some ideas for games, skits and maybe some campfire games. Any ideas???

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1. Games like The Ungame and Ancestors & Questions gets everyone involved. Who knows how many stories and interesting things one will learn from the others that you would never discovered otherwise.

2. Interview the oldest ones there. What was school like in their day? What chores did they have to do? Which ones didn't they like to do? Have them share a special memory or something funny that happened to them as a child. Where did they live as a child (farm, town, etc.) What were reunions like when they were a child? How did they met their spouse? ETC.

3. Teach the younger children to play games their grandparents or great-grandparents played.

4. Have a "History Fashion Show" - Cover the 30's thru 80's for example. Play music from each decade. What were some of the inventions in each time period?

5. Anyone have old slides or movies to show?

6. Play a version of "Family Feud".

7. Have engaged couples or newlyweds in the family? How about your own version of the "Nearlywed" or "Newlywed"?

8. White Elephant Bingo

9. Take the song, "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and change the words to tell the family history.

10. Have everyone including the children design a logo for the family. Vote on them and give a prize.

11. Play "Flaghlight Tag"

Some of these ideas are from The REUNIONS "Workbook" from and others are things we have done..
Check out
Where will I find directons on playing the games you mentioned in your initial post:Tje Ungame and Ancestors & Questions? If you created these games will you share your directions...Thanks

There are some games and "how to play" here:





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