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I have just started a blog that is going to deal with early settlers on Manhattan Island. I will be including a vast amount of information not only of interest to the genealogist but for the early New York historian as well.

You can follow me at:

I hope you all enjoy it.


John Winner

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Hi John,

I look forward to reading your blog.

Personally I am interested in Douwe Harmens Talma and his family and descendants, who came from The Netherlands on the Bruynvis in 1658.

I can't yet seem to add the rss feed of your blog to my reader: maybe you can fix that ?

Kind regards,
Sylvia Binch-Talma

 I will see what I can do to fix the problem. I am pretty new to this blogging thing. It may take a while before I get to mention of your family. As you can see I am working through the 1639 map first, then I am on to a 1660 map, we will probably find something there.

John Winner

I am sure it will all be very interesting to read, whether it is about the Talma family or not ;o)

I will keep checking back ..

Nice John, I became a follower through Tumblr.

Looking forward to read your entries.

Thanks for taking the effort.


I am going to try and put up one entry per day, it can be tough sometimes to research everything. I have been looking into this stuff for quite a while so I have a good number of resources, it can just be tedious to go through all the information to find what you need.

I have finished up the Manatus Map. I am now going to start on the 1660 map of Manhattan, this one will contain a lot more information than the 1639 map. I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be to much interest in what I am doing, but I shall continue. Somebody might be able to use it someday.



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