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Hi All, I am at present conducting a feasability study on the possibility of conducting research probably to Phd level on the old workhouse in Tuam County Galway Ireland. In researching this topic I stumbled across this site and the forum discussion. I am basically at present just looking at groundwork to assess if the project can be completed etc. My own background, is that i am a native of Tuam and was actually raised on the Athenry Road( just up the road from the workhose site, which was known locally as 'the home') I am presently finishing a masters degree in sociology at the University of Limerick and hence my interest in the social history. My main aim here is to get information on the period when the 'home' was been used as a childrens home.(orphanage). As well as trying to get information from official sources I am also interested to hear from people who have some connections to the 'home', Any information that people can give me will be greatly appreciated. Questions that I have are

Who managed and ran the 'home'?

For how many years was it used as a childrens home etc As I said any information , no matter how trivial you may think it may be can be extremely useful, all is used to build a bigger picture! Many in society never get to tell their story, lets change that!


Gerard Murphy

p.s email address etc available on request

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hi Gerard, i think its great that some is going to do something like this and i hope it is a great sucess, i do have some information that will be of use to you, what is your E-mail address, Siobhan.
Hi, thanks for reply , as i said it is very early days yet, and i am up against a brick wall as regards funding. my email is, but even at this early stage information is welcome, I came acrossa blog where someone named lyndsey was doing a masters research thesis on same subject, but did not leave any contacts, any1 have any info on this?
Hi Gerard,
My mom was born in the "Home" in Tuam. Her mother was sent there as an unwed mother to give birth. We believe she spent 4 years there. We did find a ledger at the Health Board in Galway documenting her birth there in 1937. We have a photo we believe was taken in the fields at the home of her with her mother.
Hi Heidi
Glad to hear from you, I have just recently set up a facebook group at The Home, The Old Workhouse Tuam County Galway Ireland I hope this group will act as a focal point for people wishing to connect with others and perhaps act as a help for people wishing to trace family etc. The group page will allow people to post information and old photographs etc , as i say on the facebook page when other members join the group I hope they can reach consensus on privacy settings, initially the page is open in attempt to attract attention
I will check out the page... my experience from speaking with a few orphans is they are very private people and few come forward with their stories. I will keep my fingers crossed and hopefully your venue will attract researching relatives with some information. Stay well and thank you for the response. Heidi
Hi Heidi
Yes I am fully aware of the need for privacy and definitely respect the view that many would wish to remain anonymous, The focus of the group would be the sharing of general information in a historical context, perhaps if people had historical photographs or documents they wish to share they could post them on the page. Perhaps even some one may have a picture to post as the group badge? There is also a private messaging and email service available on facebook for those who wish to crrespond in private
Thanks Ger



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