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I find myself curious about something and so far my internet searches have come up dry or off-topic to some extent. What I want to know is what the people who came to live in the Settlements (western North Carolina) did to worship God? To my knowledge, limited as it is, they don't appear to have had any 'meeting' places built, nor any ministers in their midst. At least not at first.

Many of these 'immigrants' who 'removed' to the 'mountains' as my family called it, were from the Great Colony of Virginia. I know when my ancestor created the town of New Market, VA, at one point he donated three acres to the Baptist Church and even helped them build their facility. He also was one to partake in communion, according to his diaries/journals left behind. He scrupulously marked which Sundays communion was offered. Later, when the Presbyterian Church got started in the area, he was known to attend. (Just to be fair and totally honest, he didn't prescribed to any particular denomination, although his grandfather had been a Huguenot. He went to any such 'meeting' even a Catholic 'meeting' as he denoted in his diary. But mostly found himself in either the Baptist or Presbyterian churches, or even the Methodist church.) Suffice it to say, he appeared to Believe and was an active Christian. The Reverend Samuel Doak was part of the Settlement, at some point. He was appointed to be the Head Master of the first school erected during the failed State of Franklin, 1784-1788.

Does anyone know how these people kept their Sundays? I do know during this time period it wasn't unheard of to work on Sunday. But for those who were devout, what did they do? Were there churches (meeting places) or ministers who would give a sermon? Did they just meet in someone's house and read the Gospel/Bible? I do know my ancestor was friends with Reverend Cozby.

I'm looking primarily for information of this nature in the early years of the Settlements, 1773 and/or earlier. If anyone knows what they did, I would greatly appreciate your response. If you've got a link to a site, or a book that verifies, that would be even better. Thank you up front for any and All responses.

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