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PC or Mac (buy a computer for the software I have or by the software for the computer I have.)

Hi Everyone,

I have a question/delemma. I have recently gotten back into Genealogy, thanks to Ancestry, after being away from it for several years. My problem is that I am currently running on a Macintosh 10.3.9. And have been using it to access Ancestry. But I don't have any of my own genealgy software for my Mac. I do however have Untimate Family Tree and Family Tree Maker for PC however my PC died a long tme ago.

My question is do I spend $99 for Reunion for my Desktop Mac (10.3.9) and laptop w/(older O/S but with DVD drive probably ) or do I by a refurbished PC laptop for $200 - $300 and run my older versions of FTM and or UFT that are 10 years old. It's almost a tossup. I would probably only use the PC laptop for the genealogy programs.

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IMO, stay with the mac's. I use a PC for everything, but in your place since you have a desktop mac and a laptop mac, I would stay with them, since you would only use the PC for genealogy. Most likely your old programs would need to be updated for a fairy new PC. You have a MAC laptop for travel, and you are going to have to enter a lot of data anyway, so stay with what you know.

Just my opion.

Honestly I'd go with the cheaper option. I'd rather spend $99.00 on a genealogy software than $200-$300 on a new computer.
Thanks Leann
I'm leaning towards that. I hear that Reunion makes very nice/stylish reports. My only hesitatton is that my system is just the very minimum of what Reunion requires. And it may cost an aditional $100-150 to upgrade. Yet even with that said it still makes sense to stay cheaper. Thank you for your input.
I haven't done a lot with it yet, but I bought MacFamilyTree for about $35. You can check it out at and see what you think. I am only new to this business so I can't compare the merits of various software and I only started on family history after I already had a Mac.
I have Family Tree Maker 2009 on my Windows PC, but when I got my Mac Notebook, I just had to have a family tree software on here too since I'm on this one more than the other computer. Anyway, I have Reunion on here. I uploaded my Family Tree Program into a GEDCOM and was able to transfer all my info to Reunion.

I've been using Family Tree Maker for so many years so it took some getting used to Reunion, but I do like it. I must be obsessed or something because I do make sure I add new info to both computer programs. :-)

It's my sense of security to make sure I have a family tree software on both computers. :-)

I may have a copy of Reunion and you might need to update your OS in order to run them email me and I will mail you a copy out. Save you some money anyways.
Indeed, go for the cheaper option and shell out for the software.
If you going to spend 2-3 for refurbished you can pick up new laptop for around same price



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