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Let me start off by saying that I know some of you aren't going to like the combination of paranormal and genealogy. Whether it be because of your ethnic background or religious background. Let me also say that I mean this lady or her family no disrespect. And believe me I mean you no disrespect either.


 The paranormal part of this story is how myself and five other people were attracted to this lady's grave. The genealogy part is my research to determine who she was and possibly why I was attracted to her.


I moved to York Co. PA in May 2008. In the middle of June I did a paranormal investigation with some friends from a local paranormal group. They showed me how to use divining rods (dowsing rods) to contact spirits. One night in August I was at Barlow's Knoll on the Gettysburg Battlefield testing my rods with a local sensitive. The rods would not work because they kept pulling to the left.  The Almshouse Cemetery is located there.


The next week in the daytime I went to the cemetery with my rods and asked if the spirit that pulled my rods towards the cemetery the previous week was still there and to cross my rods if so. The rods crossed. I then asked the spirit to make the rods point to where they were.  The rods swung around to point to a tombstone. I moved around the cemetery and asked the rods to point where the spirit was and each time they pointed back to the same stone. During the rest of the summer I was there numerous times and the rods pointed to the same stone. Five times while I was there others came to photograph the same stone. I asked if they were relatives. Each one said they were attracted to her stone, but were not relatives.


The lady's name is Rebecca Little who died 1882. Her maiden name was Wyble or Weible. She was married to Sam Little and they lived in Straban Twp., Adams Co. PA  They had two daughters Ann and Ruth. Ann died in the Almshouse too in 1880. Ruth married. I do not know where she or her family nor do I know where Sam Little are buried.  I posted a message on the Wyble page on rootsweb and a relative replied saying it was an interesting story but he knew of no psychic or paranormal powers in the family.


I have Wolford relatives in Adams Co. Just last week I discovered a David Little married a Wolford. I wonder if Rebecca and I are related.


Last week when I was there, I noticed the flowers I put on her grave earlier in the summer were still there and now there is an American flag. ( I wonder the significance.)


In all over the last 3 summers I have been to the cemetery 25 times to say hello. 24 of the times the rods pointed to her stone. The one time they did not, the rods pointed to her daughter Ann's stone.


Let me reiterate. I mean no disrespect to Rebecca or Ann or their family.  I mean no disrespect to anyone who may be offended by reading this.

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Good question. I have revised my thinking about what spirits really are. See my answer to your other comment. I used to believe that soul and ghost or spirit was the same thing, but now I believe that the soul moves on when we die and the spirit is energy that remains. In my previous way of thinking, praying for her would help her soul move on.  Thanks for posting.

Since it is not up to us to decide the fate of others, we pray for those who have passed (since if we believe in the Resurrection of Christ) they also are alive in Christ. We merely fall asleep in the Lord until the Second Coming. Also, not wishing to get too religious on you.

I went back to Rebecca's grave again on Saturday. I "talked" to her again using my Maglite I had her turn the light on for a yes answer or to make the light come on when I said something in a list that applied to her. She made it come on to show that she understood.  I was interested in what she looked like.  So from the light coming on I determined that she was between  4'6" and 5' tall, had gray hair and brown eyes. A couple of times I started to walk around the cemetery and told her if she wanted me to come back to turn the light on and a couple times it did come back on. It was interesting.

I still need to check my recordings and my pictures.

I have been to Rebecca's grave twice since my last post. The last time was yesterday. The time before that I asked her if she believed in angels and she said that she did. She believed that she had a guardian angel. I didn't have a whole lot of time to talk with her. I was dressed in my 1863 outfit and I think I freaked out a Park Ranger. He came back a couple of times to make sure he wasn't seeing an apparition. I wish he had stopped.

Yesterday I took my dog, Storm along. He laid down on her grave and right away started reacting like he didn't want to be there. I put down one of my Mag Lites and asked if Rebecca was there. The light flashed like she was trying to answer.  I asked if Ann (her daughter) was there and the lights flashed again as if she was trying to answer. I asked if they were afraid and got a yes answer. I asked if they were afraid of Storm and got a yes answer but they also thought he was funny. All this time Storm was acting like he was afraid. ( He is a 70 pound golden retriever with a little bit of chow mixed in.) So I put him in the car.

I went back to her grave and said "You don't sound like Rebecca."  Then I asked are you Rebecca or Ann and the light didn't come on. So I asked "Are you someone other than Rebecca?" and the light came on very bright for a strong yes. Then I asked "Do you want me to leave?"  The light came on very bright again for another strong yes. So I picked up my Mag Lite and left. This was in stark contrast to the last time I was there when she didn't want me to leave.  This would have been a good time to have my voice recorder. I am going to Gettysburg again today (Sept 24th) and will stop again if I have time.

Anyone reading this who want to comment please do so.

I was out to Rebecca and Ann's graves again last week and just took my mag lites. There was absolutely no response from eiother of them. When I asked if someone else was there the light came on but very weakly. I am not sure exactly what this means. Perhaps there is not enough paranormal energy to make the lights come on. Next time I go I will take my divining rods and see what happens.

Jim,  I find this very interesting,  please continue your saga.  Is there a correlation between the seasons, or the weather in their responses?   I would love to be a fly on the stone and observe you.    Best wishes


I think the paranormal and genealogy go together beautifully. I was born being able to see the spirits of the dead and just naturally (along with a mother who loved family history) gravitated into being a genealogist over 40 years ago. Cemeteries have always been an attraction for me since I was a child and I live near one now. I love that someone has had the courage to even bring up the subject of the essence of our ancestors continuing on. Thank you. 

Fascinating, I think she was definitely trying to get your attention! 

I was in Gettysburg Monday to purchase a Confederate uniform for a living history project for next summer which is the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. So I stopped by Rebecca's grave.  It was a foggy day. A good day for paranormal research. I had my Mag Lite with me, a small twist on flashlight, which spirits seem to be able to turn on. You can ask them to turn it on for a yes answer or however you want them to react.

From the things that happened I believe that Rebecca wasn't the only spirit there.  It seems there were three there - Rebecca and Mrs. Aspers, the lady buried next to her and one unknown spirit. I asked Mrs. Aspers if she was related to the people the town of Aspers is named for and got a positive response. I will have to do some research on her.

I couldn't figure out who the third person was, but believe it to be the same spirit who asked / told me to leave the last time I was there.

I asked Rebecca if she remembered the Confederates coming to Gettysburg and the Mag Lite came on immediately with a strong light. I asked her to turn the light off. Then I asked if they scared her and I got the same reaction. I told her that the next time I would visit her I would be wearing a Confederate uniform because I would be doing living history. I asked her if she would be afraid of me and got a weak response. So we shall see what happens this weekend when I go back.

I told Rebecca that next time I stopped by I would bring new flowers and if she would like that and the light came on.I will ask some Christmasy questions.

Jim,  I am following your saga with much interest.  Thank's for keeping us updated.  Sarah

I just found this thread and am finding it very interesting as well.  I look forward to future installments! 

I was out to Rebecca's grave this afternoon, but couldn't find any stores that sold artificial flowers so will have to wait to put new ones on her grave.

There wasn't a whole lot of activity until I asked Rebecca for a sign that she was there and the mag lite rolled about 2 inches. I was surprised to see that happen. I had seen that happen in the attic of the Farnsworth House where I work, but there it was done by two little kids. I asked if she could do that again and it rolled about half an inch. Then I asked her if that was her who rolled the light and it came on for a yes answer.

I asked if anyone besides Rebecca was there and go no response.  Then I asked Rebecca if she liked Christmas and the light came on immediately and very bright for a big yes.  I asked her if she liked snow for Christmas and got a yes answer for that.

I asked her if anyone ever called her "Becky" and I got a strong yes for that. I asked if she wanted me to call her Becky to turn the light off. It went off so Becky it is.

The sun was starting to set and I asked Becky if she liked watching the sunset and got another strong yes. I told her I did too.

It was getting late and I needed to go. I wished her a Merry Christmas and the light flashed real bright. I told her I would be back and the light flashed again but not as bright.

I need to research who this Mrs Aspers is who is buried next to Becky for my next visit.

Comments are welcome. It amazes me that there are over 320 views to this thread.



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